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Overclocking computer mice to 2000Hz+!

Overclocking computer mice to 2000Hz+!

For a long time, we have known that 1000 Hz mice has not been the final frontier. The great news is that people are overclocking computer mice to over 1000Hz now! See thread For those not familiar, see the Blur Busters Mouse Guide which has been updated with this image.

Acer Predator Z35 overclockable to 200Hz!

Acer Predator Z35 overclockable to 200Hz!

Acer has announced a new widescreen VA gaming display, 144Hz native overclockable to 200 Hz! It uses a VA panel, produces higher contrast than the TN panels found in traditional 120Hz+ monitors. Resolution is 2560×1080, includes NVIDIA Ultra Low Motion Blur, and GSYNC.

Congratulations to 120Hz Monitor Giveaway Recipient!

Congratulations to 120Hz Monitor Giveaway Recipient!

Congratulations to Blur Busters Forums member “Mdubz” who has won the BENQ XL2411T LightBoost monitor from the Blur Busters 120Hz Monitor Giveaway that went on in the discussion forums. The monitor is boxed up and shipped out. Have fun, Mdubz!

John Carmack’s 120Hz Demo Contest – Last Week

John Carmack's 120Hz Demo Contest - Last Week

For you game programmers out there, this week is the last week for John Carmack’s 120Hz demo contest at Revision 2015! Revision Party is an annual demoparty located in Germany, showing off old-school style demos. This is a contest for the best demo running on a 120Hz LightBoost type display . (Also, check out 120Hz “LightBoost” Projectors)

TFTCentral reviews Acer XB270HU – A strobed IPS!

Our friends at TFTcentral has reviewed the first IPS monitor with GSYNC and blur-reduction strobing (ULMB), the Acer XB270HU. Getting IPS colors, much better quality than TN, while having LightBoost-style blur reduction, is a big draw of this monitor for Blur Busters readers! Check out TFTCentral’s review of the Acer XB270HU!

3 days left on Blur Busters Free 144Hz monitor giveaway

[EDITOR’S NOTE — Giveaway has ended.] There are 3 days left of the Blur Busters Free 144Hz Monitor Giveaway! This was launched after fixing an overeager registration spam filter. Now forum registration work well! 🙂 1. Register as a new Blur Busters Forum Member 2. Make 5 relevant posts by end of day February 28th, 2015… Read more »

Acer Predator XR341CK 34″ 144Hz G-SYNC ultrawide!

Acer Predator XR341CK 34" 144Hz G-SYNC ultrawide!

For the first time, a “Better Than 60Hz” ultrawide is finally arriving! (TFTCentral) The Acer Predator XR341CK 34″ ultra-wide 21:9 curved gaming screen with G-SYNC will be arriving Q2 2015, and will provide a new option for gamers who do not want to purchase multiple monitors for surround gaming. The resolution is a whopping 3440×1440,… Read more »

Monoprice 30″ 16:10 aspect IPS, 2560×1600…… 120Hz!

Monoprice 30" 16:10 aspect IPS, 120Hz!

AnandTech visited Monoprice at CES, and they were demoing a 30″ IPS with 120Hz overclockability. Many users have been using 1920×1200 monitors as the 16:10 aspect ratio has been excellent for computer applications, and have balked at 16:9 monitors even at 2560×1440. This monitor may make such users happy. We’re looking forward to seeing such new options… Read more »

How sharp 8K REALLY is

How sharp 8K REALLY is

Several CES 2015 exhbitors were showcasing 8K prototype televisions. This is the future resolution upgrade after 4K, for the next decade. Sharp was demonstrating this sharp (pun intended) 8K television. At 85″, it is higher dpi than a 24″ 1080p computer monitor. I had to get only four inches away to capture a photo of… Read more »

8K 120Hz video cable: SuperMHL

Can you imagine 7680×4320 resolution running at 120Hz? At CES 2015, MHL’s booth showed off a new SuperMHL cable connection capable of 8K 120Hz. It is standardized over a USB Type C connector, with extra lanes of data traffic. Smartphones were also playing 4K video over this cable to 4K HDTVs. There was a also… Read more »