G-SYNC DIY Kits Now Available!

gsync-logoG-SYNC DIY kits are now available at the NVIDIA Store for the ASUS VG248QE monitor! They are $199.

Our G-SYNC preview Part #2 is now near complete – we are publishing by Monday!

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10 Responses to G-SYNC DIY Kits Now Available!

  1. SS4 says:

    I’ll wait til they cut the price in half before i jump in . . .

  2. boniek says:

    I will wait for DP1.3 monitors even if they won’t be available till 2015. Better not to lock myself into one vendor. Tech will be more advanced as well (maybe at that time it will work with strobing at the same time as well)

    • MrBrown says:

      Yeah what bothers me is that it only has 1 Display Port and nothing else. I have a console on my desk that is allways connected to my monitor, so it would be a nogo for me with only 1 port.

      Furthermore, since it has nvidias mainboard, I assume that you cannot change the overdrive level (60-80-100 etc.), like with ASus’ own mainboard, and it was confirmed that you have no other functions like crosshair, time etc. that you can enable with Asus control board. The color settings etc. are also pretty poor.

      It only makes sense to wait for proper DP 1.3 standard, it looks like this early solution is mostly for hardcore users.

      I hope Benq implements their own DP 1.3 standard in the upcoming Z series, rather than put in the nvidia stuff.

      After all you dont have PWM flickering with the DIY kit which one of the few advantages, which IMO do not outweight the disadvantages like having only 1 port, no overdrive finetuning, poor color tuning etc.

    • I’d expect IPS strobing to be available by 2015.

  3. Wisky says:

    Will this ever be available in Europe because when I go to the buy section I only see US/Canada ??

  4. michaelius says:

    So where’s the promised review ? 🙂

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