Laser displays are zero lag, zero blur, zero persistence.

laser1While we are waiting for better tech such as strobed/rolling-scan OLED desktop gaming monitors, there’s another technology that has the potential of zero motion blur AND zero scanout lag, much like a CRT.

Some people in the Blur Busters Forum are experimenting with Microvision laser projector as a zero-lag zero-blur display. They work! Only 640×480, however. laser2They use a fast-moving mirror to scan a laser in real-time in a CRT-style fashion.  They have even solved the laser-speckled-look with a de-speckling projection film, and one person is building a higher-definition laser projector from scratch. Join the discussion on the dream of a zero-lag zero-blur display!

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3 Responses to Laser displays are zero lag, zero blur, zero persistence.

  1. intikhab says:

    read the article and now I want one, I mean zero blur, full angle view and wide colour gamut it have everything ideal monitor needs. I live living in Pakistan restricts me to many things. one more thing I can’t register to the forums my ip being blocked or something, can that be rectified for me.

  2. SS4 says:

    wow this is some interesting tech right there. So hopefully the higher res is developed soon.
    Wonder how long or even if this will ever become mainstream enough to get good pricing for and HD version.
    I know ill keep my eyes out on this one for sure!!

  3. nuninho1980 says:

    I’m very interested due to zero motion blur. 😀 But only up to 640×480!?

    I think I’ll change from CRT monitor to laser projector in… ~2016 to ~’20. 😉

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