Overlord Computer now has G-SYNC Monitors in Stock

ASUS-Main-GSYNC1_1024x1024[1]After being out of stock since Christmas, Overlord Computer now has preassembled upgraded ASUS VG248QE G-SYNC
monitors in stock! These are monitors that they have modified to install G-SYNC upgrades in them.

If you’ve been waiting, but don’t want to install the G-SYNC Upgrade Kit, here it is!

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8 Responses to Overlord Computer now has G-SYNC Monitors in Stock

  1. It will still be some more time before G-SYNC gets preassembled at the ASUS factory, so these units carries a slight early bird premium at this time — since they’re manually upgrading the VG248QE’s at this time. Just so you know!

  2. SS4 says:

    How long til the DIY kit drops by 50% or so lol

  3. MrBrown says:

    Chief you said you are in contact with BenQ for their new monitors, the Z series.

    Could you please ask them to make it more simple to switch inputs?

    I have the Benq XL2420TE and Im pretty happy with the monitor, the only thing that is annoying is how complicated it is to switch inputs.

    Usually there is an extra button on the monitors that u can press, to change inputs. With the Benq you have to go through the menu, scroll down and then switch inputs. Its pretty annoying when you have a console connected to the monitor and want to switch between the console and PC.

    It would be really cool if you could pass it to the Devs, since I think its a thing that bothers many ppl.

    Also they should allow us to disable the Bootlogo of the Monitor in the normal menu. Ive found out that we can disable the Benq Bootlogo through the Service Menu, however IMO it should be included in the normal menu, so everyone who is not that techy can disable the rather annoying Bootlogo.

    Or at least aks Benq to change the color of the Logo to some different color than Violet (purple) and also change the fact that the logo is shown at full brightness of 100%, which is really annoying when you turn on the monitor at night.

    Why different color than purple for the logo? Because they are implementing techniques to reduce the blue light, with their “low blue light” technology which I highly welcome. So since they are trying to reduce the unhealthy blue light, they should definately change the Bootlogo color/background color to some different color that has very low blue levels.

    Thanks in advance chief. I do enjoy the monitor, however if we can help make it even better, it would be amazing.

    Imo beeing able to switch inputs quickly should have a high priority.

  4. TSM says:

    I’m really tempted to buy one instead of waiting another couple months for their official release in Q2. Do we know for sure if the monitors available in Q2 will have full OSD monitor controls? I’d hope that the official release of G-Sync monitors by Asus would be much more refined then these DIY kits.

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