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There are 3 days left of the Blur Busters Free 144Hz Monitor Giveaway! This was launched after fixing an overeager registration spam filter. Now forum registration work well! 🙂

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Y0u then qualify for a drawing of a 144Hz BENQ!
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Acer Predator XR341CK 34″ 144Hz G-SYNC ultrawide!

Acer Predator XR341CK 34" 144Hz G-SYNC ultrawide!

For the first time, a “Better Than 60Hz” ultrawide is finally arriving! (TFTCentral)

The Acer Predator XR341CK 34″ ultra-wide 21:9 curved gaming screen with G-SYNC will be arriving Q2 2015, and will provide a new option for gamers who do not want to purchase multiple monitors for surround gaming.

The resolution is a whopping 3440×1440, which pushes the limits of DisplayPort 1.2. A lower resolution model is also rumored, with 2560×1080 resolution. No word on Ultra Low Motion Blur yet (ULMB) strobing yet.

Monoprice 30″ 16:10 aspect IPS, 2560×1600……..at 120Hz!

Monoprice 30" 16:10 aspect IPS, 2560x1600........at 120Hz!

AnandTech visited Monoprice at CES, and they were demoing a 30″ IPS with 120Hz overclockability.

Many users have been using 1920×1200 monitors as the 16:10 aspect ratio has been excellent for computer applications, and have balked at 16:9 monitors even at 2560×1440. This monitor may make such users happy.

We’re looking forward to seeing such new options hit the market.