TFTCentral reviews Acer XB270HU – A strobed IPS!

tftcentralOur friends at TFTcentral has reviewed the first IPS monitor with GSYNC and blur-reduction strobing (ULMB), the Acer XB270HU.

Getting IPS colors, much better quality than TN, while having LightBoost-style blur reduction, is a big draw of this monitor for Blur Busters readers!

Check out TFTCentral’s review of the Acer XB270HU!

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4 Responses to TFTCentral reviews Acer XB270HU – A strobed IPS!

  1. nuninho1980 says:

    50 and 60 Hz aren’t available for ULMB!??

  2. nuninho1980 says:

    NOTICE: I don’t appear my post (march 13th, 2015) yet about 2 weeks???? :S

    • There was a major spam epidemic for a moment, so I had to queue all posts for approval. The spam filter has been adjusted, so I’m going to reactivate immediate approvals of posts in the near future. (Apologies for the inconvenience!)

  3. SS4 says:

    Its so tempting to get one of those but i wanna wait til display port 1.3 is out. Same reason i’m not upgrading my video card yet either 😛

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