4K 120Hz potentially possible over HDMI 2.0!

HDMI 2.0 just got announced, featuring official support for 4K 60Hz, and 18 gigabits/second of bandwidth. Also announced on engadget and reddit.

4K 120Hz using 4:2:2 chroma at 8 bits per channel is only 15.9 gigabits/second, plus a little bit for reduced blanking intervals. Since this is less than 18 gigabits/second, this theoretically makes 120Hz 4K potentially possible over HDMI 2.0, assuming 8b/10b encoding can be bypassed.

People are unofficially doing 1080p @ 120Hz over HDMI 1.3a since the 340Mhz dotclock of the older standard is sufficient to permit this mode.

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Chief Blur Buster, I am having trouble understanding on how you did the math to add up to 15.9 Gbps, 3 years ago I was interested in your post and today I did more research about this and I have found that for 4k 120hz it will be 11.88 Gbps per channel and 35.64 for total signal bandwidth, I have used the kramers badwidth calculator for this. So if you have 35.64 Gbps at 8 bits per pixel at the normal 4:4:4 then if its pushed down to 4:2:2 it would be half the bandwidth which would be 17.82 which is what it is now, so theoretically 120hz is double the bandwidth but if you use 4:2:2 chroma subsampling it should be half the bandwidth which should make 4k 120hz possible. Wow.


Wow if I will be able to do 4k @ 120hz with no glitches w/ hdmi 2.0 it will be the sweetest piece of cable ever!! and looks like you can. Thanks guys very good info, ill be looking forward to this…… Does anyone know if this cable will work with current hardware (4k capable NVidia gtx 660 gpu), (Seiki 4k 120hz TV)… not sure if the tv needs to have an hdmi 2.0 port or if my gpu has to more powerful because it can barely do [email protected] using hdmi 1.4b.