BENQ Z-Series With V2 Firmware Included

BENQ released V2 firmware at for Z-Series monitors.
Older Z-Series with V1 firmware do NOT support Blur Busters Strobe Utility. 

To get immediate easy compatibility with Blur Busters Strobe Utility (a BENQ authorized 3rd party monitor adjustment utility), you need an XL2420G or newer Z-Series either of:

XL2411Z on Amazon

XL2420Z on Amazon

XL2720Z on Amazon

Monitors obtained from these sources work with BENQ-authorized 3rd party utilities including Blur Busters Strobe Utility.

This is the difference between the BENQ monitor models:
XL2411Z: 24″ budget model, one DVI input, one HDMI input, no DisplayPort.
XL2420Z: 24″, includes S-Switch controller, DVI, DisplayPort and 2 HDMI inputs.
XL2720Z: 27″, includes S-Switch controller, DVI, DisplayPort and 2 HDMI inputs.
XL2420G: 24″, same as XL2420Z but includes G-SYNC.

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old grumpy

My question maybe not belong here, but still ask, I buy Xl2420Z ( 21/8/2014), not use monitor jet, ask version from BenQ and answer was this”Based on the serialnumber you provide, we can confirmed that this unit is
manufactured in April, therefore its should already have the firmware version
Is this really firmware version 2??

thanks anyway


Is the production generally changing to firmware v2 or is it just Benq USA flashing the monitors themselfs?
So that at least in 3 or 4 months there would be v2 monitors in stores. If not I would look for another solution^^.

Thank you for your reply.


Hi, i’ve been following your website since I discovered lightboost. I finally have the resources to upgrade my monitor. Now that g-sync has come available it has put me in a bind.

I play CS:GO competitively with a gtx 760 – around 200-250fps consistently

Which would benefit me more? BenQ v2 Firmware w/ strobe utility or G-sync?

I’ve already tried it my nephews ASUS 10% lightboosted monitor and it was already amazing. I play with a low sensitivty @ 1.25, i’m consistently flinging my mouse left and right at pretty high speeds, but I was still able to see a bit of blur if I moved my mouse around too fast.

Will the v2 utility strobe be that much better than 10% lightboost? I haven’t seen g-sync in person, but i’ve seen your articles stating it decreases input lag dramatically, even less than v2 strobe utility?


Is there any way to look at an article number and see if its an version 2? I asked two swedish online-stores and they said it will take some time to get the newer version in stores. I dont want to buy a version 1 and not have any use for the motion blur.


I have sent an email to the BenQ France Customer Service to see if the monitors they were selling through their online shop were bundled with the V2 Firmware, and the answer was no, it’s not the case for the moment.
They said however that the Firmware upgrade can be done if you send the monitor back to BenQ.
I don’t know if this applies to all european branches but this might be the case.
So for the moment I suppose the best option is to get a V1 version along with an MSTAR unit and flash the firmware.