BenQ’s HDRi Feature on EX2780Q

BenQ released the EX2780Q a few weeks ago with the HDRi feature, the “i” standing for intelligence.

What this feature does is supposedly enhances HDR content by combating the overexposure in bright areas as well as improving the colour and contrast, ultimately giving the images a more dynamic look. This may be akin to a real-time PhotoShop style filter built into the monitor.

According to the official site, the Intelligent clarity adjustment satisfies you with the clear and realistic details in the darkness by maintaining onscreen clarity.

Blur Busters has yet to test this feature out on the monitor, but it’s one that does sound intriguing, and when paired with the specs of the EX2780Q, could make it a rather interesting monitor.

This 27-inch IPS display runs at 2560×1440 and has a 144 Hz refresh rate. The monitor features a 5ms GtG response time and has AMD FreeSync support. It also has a bezel-less design, promoting a larger onscreen space, speakers, a volume wheel on the monitor, 5-key navigator on the back, and finally, a remote control too.