EIZO announces Foris FG2421, a 240Hz VA gaming monitor!

Eizo has announced the Foris FG2421, a new 240Hz VA monitor has been released! This is the retail gaming version of the previously released FDF2405W professional monitor which also uses a official/optional strobe backlight setting to eliminate motion blur. No interpolation is used!

Blur Busters is being sent a review unit from Eizo, and it will be arriving this month. And, yes, we will benchmark it against LightBoost. Being a VA panel with a LightBoost-like strobe backlight without color problems, we would naturally expect it to vastly outperform LightBoost quality, while also being easy to enable on any graphics card.

See the Eizo white paper about how the Turbo240 strobe backlight operates.  Also, this monitor can be 100% PWM free when you disable Turbo240, for the best of both worlds!

EDIT: FG2421 is now now available on Amazon.com.

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Mark Rejhon, the founder of Blur Busters.

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Thank you Chief Blurbuster for this news! I’m really looking forward to your research on the Comparision of input lag: LightBoost vs Turbo240. Your hard work is definitely amazing and appreciated!


Darn, the Eizo is @ $604…. think it was @ $555. several days ago, wasn’t it? That hurts, esp after the intended upcoming purchase of the Galaxy 780-HOF model vid card….


Based on posts of certain members at Anand’s and HardOp, it’s sounding like this monitor has the best of both worlds, ie, low lag/latency/reduced blurr of the TN/120Hz BenQ and Asus, but with better color, blacks, and contrast.

I’m getting the FG2421 when it’s available at Amazon. Another etailer has it now, but for @ $50. more.

Eric Wang

On page 12 of its manual states that it accepts 24hz signal over HDMI.
Quite curious if Turbo240 can be enabled when using 24hz mode.
I love watching movies with film-style motion xD (24p shutter at 48 or 72hz).


No g-sync? Also would love to know if standard VA panel weaknesses are present (like brutal color shift).