G-SYNC monitors supporting 177Hz?

At least one source mentioned 177Hz support for future G-SYNC monitors, including Guru3D.

We noticed this number exactly matches DisplayPort 1.2 single channel bandwidth of 8.8 Gbits/sec. (half of 17.6 Gbits/sec dual-channel).

1920×1080 x 24-bit x 177 Hz = ~8.8 Gbits/sec

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if it would exist ( 177hz or even 200-240hz strobed ), strobe backlight had to be under the 0.5ms range ( i assume ) and extremely bright strobe, would be that possible in a near future ?
kirkh : i always saw Vsync uses a buffer so i think yes.


So let’s say your game jumps to 190fps. I can only assume that Adaptive V-Sync would kick in to keep FPS at the limit of the monitor. Otherwise you get tearing. And if Vsync kicks in, doesn’t that imply lag? I guess I’m wondering if the reason they don’t support 60hz monitors because the tearing would be obvious. Not too many people will hit 150+fps so it’s not a big issue.


Again with strobed backlight support ? when will they stop raising the hz ?