System-Wide Fix for Gaming Mouse Fluidity in Windows 8.1

You have upgraded to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8, and noticed bad performance from your gaming mouse? More input lag and worse fluidity, even when dragging windows around on the desktop, not just in video games?

You’re not alone.

There is now a system-wide solution. Follow KB 2908279 Instructions, install the hotfix (skip that step if already installed), and then add c:\windows\explorer.exe to your registry in Step #4. Although Explorer is not a game executable, this solution enables the high report rate (e.g. 1000Hz) system-wide from your gaming mouse in all your applications. This fixes all fluidity including window dragging, scrollbar dragging, etc.

UPDATE: Microsoft has modified the page.
You may have the Microsft update already installed. A better step by step:
Instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\Game\Engine.exe, enter C:\Windows\Explorer.exe

With this fix, your mouse will perform as well as it did under Windows 7 and Windows 8.
NOTE: If anyone from Microsoft is reading this, see Comments for scientific explanations why 1000Hz is better for window-dragging/scrolling, even on a 60Hz or 120Hz monitor.
Also, see the new Blur Busters Mouse Guide.

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Mark Rejhon, the founder of Blur Busters.

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I just started having bad mouse cursor lag after updating to Windows 10. That led me here — unfortunately though it wont let me install KB 2908279 on Windows 10. Any idea how to get around that?


Alright so I added the C:\Windows\Explorer.exe at step 4 like you said but do I stop there and restart my computer or do I continue with the rest of the steps he had up there?


My testing of the recent Windows 8.1 Update (8-April-2014, KB2919355) shows that Windows 8.1 no longer has the mouse lag reported here : It no longer coalesces and merges mouse input, and tools like MouseRate.exe ( shows the full mouse polling rate, at least for Windows 8.1 running on a desktop PC.

In other words, it is back to the Windows 7/8 behaviour.

Possibly it now works differently on laptops or tablets than it does for desktops?

Does anybody (with a laptop or tablet or otherwise) care to test it?
(After removing the system-wide “Explorer.exe” given here in this post of course.)


Hi guys! I’m wondering something, when I try to install this (KB 2908279) update, it says it doesn’t apply for my system even though I’m not stupid and know that I currently use 8.1 64bit so what’s wrong??? I’ve looked in the Control Panel and I don’t see the update listed as those already installed so I don’t know where else to look around.

I always do all Windows Updates including the optionnal ones so does it mean I already have it?


Ahh let me guess… the update (KB 2903939) already includes the one for the mouse fix as well as a few other things and has been installed on my computer through Windows Update on December 24th 2013 so I should in theory already have this mouse fix. This whole news scared me for nothing (-_-)