VR News Rollup: Pico Neo, Lenovo Daydream, Pimax, and more!

Pimax 8k VR Headset

The most major of the latest virtual reality news as of December 2017.

The wireless Pico Neo VR headset (dual 1440×1600 90Hz LCDs) has 6 degrees of freedom (6Dof) and is now available for preorder for $749 to businesses.

The Lenovo Daydream VR headset, another wireless VR headset, has gone through FCC approval according to LetsGoDigital.

Star Trek Bridge Crew can now be played without a VR headset. It looks great on “Everything Better Than 60Hz” displays, too! That said, you should still get a VR headset to try it out.

Pimax, who completed a Kickstarter on 8K VR, just completed raising an additional $15M of investment. They expect to release their headset this winter.

CES 2018 will bring a tsunami wave of new VR news. Keep tuned.