Black Friday Sales push 120Hz+ to below $250

120hz-monitorMany very good 120Hz/144Hz monitors are currently on sale in these Black Friday Deals:

If you prefer extra 3840×2160 4K resolution rather than refresh rate, the ACER XB280HK GSYNC 4K monitor is now only $679!
4K monitors without GSYNC are often still more expensive.

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New iMac confirmed to run 60Hz at 5120×2880 resolution

imac-5kArs Technica confirmed, using our TestUFO motion tests, the new 5K iMac runs at a full 60Hz at 5K resolution (5120×2880).

Although this screen does not support 120Hz, it actually requires similar graphics bandwidth as 4K 120Hz.

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LG 24GM77 monitor, a 144Hz monitor with a “lightboost” clone


The upcoming LG 24GM77 gaming monitor has a strobe backlight, Motion 240 (120Hz + strobing).

This recognizes the popularity of motion-blur-eliminating strobe backlights in other 120Hz+ gaming monitors (“LightBoost”, “ULMB”, “Turbo240″ and “BENQ Blur Reduction”). Blur Busters has received confirmation that Motion 240 is a strobe backlight.

LG is planning to demo the 24GM77 at IFA 2014 in Germany in early September. It is capable of 144Hz. The 24GM77 (144Hz 1080p) is mentioned in the same press release  announcing their 34″ UltraWide 34UC97 monitor (60Hz 3440×1440 21:9)

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Hyperlapse: Amazingly impressive timelapse videos!

A new method, developed by Microsoft Research is producing very impressive timelapse video, with the best image stabilization ever seen.

This is achieved by converting 2D video into 3D rendered scene, and then rendering a new “virtual camera” path through it all. This is also a new advanced form of video interpolation too, with high framerates to be rendered independently of the original video framerate. A wearable GoPro camera essentially ends up acting as a 3D scanner! See how it is done.

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Chrome malfunctioning at 120Hz, IE now supporting 120Hz

chrome-ieEver since Blur Busters started doing 120Hz Web Browser Tests, we have been watching which browsers runs TestUFO animations at 120 frames per second on 120Hz monitors.

The latest Internet Explorer 11 update now supports 120Hz, long after the bug report to Microsoft. Now, a new bug report to Google has been made.

It is ironic that the baton has been passed to Internet Explorer 11 as now being the best current browser to run motion tests.

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TFTCentral reviews ASUS ROG PG278Q – 1440p GSYNC!

tftcentralOur friends at TFTCentral has published a review of the ASUS ROG PG278Q, with 2560×1440 resolution, GSYNC and ULMB!

ULMB is the sequel to LightBoost, and is found in GSYNC monitors. This is the highest resolution monitor now shipping with LightBoost-type functionality! And the big bonus is that strobe length is adjustable – all the way to clearer motion than LightBoost 10%!

We are also getting this monitor later this summer, for a Blur Busters-focussed review of its “Better Than 60Hz” capabilities, including its Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) mode.

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PHOTOS: Mouse 125Hz vs 500Hz vs 1000Hz

Originally created in a Blur Busters Forums thread, and now a part of the Mouse Guide, this is a photo comparision of 125Hz versus 500Hz versus 1000Hz mouse poll rates. The 500Hz versus 1000Hz is human-eye visible during motion blur reduction strobing (e.g. LightBoost) as well as G-SYNC where NVIDIA recommends a 1000Hz mouse.


You can see this by enabling motion blur reduction on your 120Hz monitor, and then drag a text window. Fewer microstutters makes text easier to read while dragging.

The gapping effect is caused by the harmonic frequency difference (beat frequency) between frame rate and mouse poll rate. It is clearly visible when no other sources of microstutters exist; e.g. fast GPU, fast CPU, low-latency USB. This mouse microstutter is clearly visible in Source Engine games on newer GPUs at synchronized framerates.

During 125Hz mouse poll rate versus 120fps frame rate (125 MOD 120 = 5), there are 5 microstutters per second. This results in 1 gap every 25 mouse arrow positions.

During 500Hz mouse poll rate versus 120fps frame rate (500 MOD 120 = 20), there are 20 microstutters per second. This results in 1 gap every 6 mouse arrow positions.

These mouse microstutters become especially visible on low-persistence displays such as strobed monitors or CRTs, during window-dragging. 500Hz vs 1000Hz difference is amplified during LightBoost, ULMB, Turbo240, and BENQ Blur Reduction.

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G-SYNC support arrives in new Linux drivers

Tux[1]Awaiting the arrival of Valve Steam Box in 2015, the new NVIDIA Linux drivers now has preliminary support for GSYNC, a variable refresh-rate tech that eliminates stutters, tearing, and reduces lag.

Several models of new G-SYNC monitors are currently delayed. However, the G-SYNC tsunami arrives in the coming few months through to 2015.

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AMD Demonstrates Desktop FreeSync Monitor

freesync1[1]pcper reports that AMD demonstrated a prototype FreeSync monitor with DisplayPort Adaptive Sync — AMD’s answer to GSYNC.

The demonstration occured at Computex 2014, and was a modified version of an existing computer monitor, via a firmware upgrade to its electronics. Prebuilt FreeSync monitors could arrive by end of 2014, albiet 2015 is more likely.

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ASUS ROG PG278Q supports 144Hz overclocking for 2560x1440p

The ASUS PCDIY site has a diagram that shows the ASUS ROG PG278Q GSYNC monitor is capable of overclocking to 144Hz during 2560x1440p over DisplayPort. This is great news, for those looking for 1440p options with good motion clarity!  The monitor also supports GSYNC and motion blur elimination (ULMB) options.


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Toms Hardware Tests BENQ XL2720Z with Blur Busters Strobe Utility

tomshardwareTom’s Hardware tests the BENQ XL2720Z monitor, including Blur Busters Strobe Utility.

Page 9 of the monitor review is the one that covers Blur Busters Strobe Utility, for adjusting the motion blur reduction feature on BENQ Z-Series monitors.

Both Amazon and BENQ now sells BENQ Z-Series monitors with V2 firmware included.

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4K GSYNC monitor announced by ACER!

gsync-logoAcer announces the first 4K GSYNC monitor, the ACER XB280HK. GSYNC eliminates stutters, tearing, and reduces input lag, also found in our GSYNC preview.

It uses the same 28″ TN 60Hz panel that is found in the Samsung UD590, a 4K display under $700. Although the Acer does not do 120Hz, GSYNC brings huge motion quality benefits, by making fluctuating framerates visually stutter-free.

60Hz GSYNC monitors do not include ULMB/LightBoost motion blur reduction so that means the ASUS ROG PG278Q is the highest-resolution upcoming strobed monitor.

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BENQ Z-Series Monitors on are now V2 firmware!

8Mitc[1]An email from Amazon USA support has confirmed that BENQ Z-Series monitors shipping from are now shipping with Version 2 firmware, compatible with Blur Busters Strobe Utility.
The same applies for Amazon Canada too.

The following monitors are on Amazon:
BENQ XL2411Z – 24″ 144Hz monitor with “better-than-LightBoost” blur reduction
BENQ XL2420Z – fancier bezel, extra ports (2 HDMI + DisplayPort), S-Switch remote
BENQ XL2720Z – 27″ version of XL2420Z including the extras.

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VESA standardizes variable refresh rate similiar to GSYNC

amdVESA has adopted a variable refresh rate standard, “Adaptive Sync” similar to GSYNC. This will bring more widespread support for variable refresh rates, which reduces stutters, reduces lag, and eliminates tearing.

Most of these are not 120Hz displays, and most will not include a blur reducing mode, so NVIDIA GSYNC currently will have a huge head start, despite shipping delays.

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AOC ships g2460Pg GSYNC monitor in UK

Article on www.pcr-online.bizThe first monitor to actually ship with G-SYNC built in, is apparently the AOC g2460Pg, in the United Kingdom. It will debut at a PCR Boot Camp event this coming May 21st in London.

Many vendors have other G-SYNC monitors under works, including the ASUS ROG PG278Q which should be arriving in stores this coming summer!

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