RTings.com adopts Mark Rejhon Invention: Pursuit Camera Blur Test

pursuit-camera-test-setup[1]A website that tests HDTVs, RTings.com, has now adopted Mark Rejhon’s invention of temporal test patterns for pursuit camera testing of testing displays for motion blur.

Pursuit camera track on-screen motion while taking a photo. This allows accurate motion blur comparisons, similar to moving human eyes tracking on-screen motion.

Accurate pursuit photography used to be difficult to do cheaply until the temporal test pattern (TestUFO animation) invented by Chief Blur Buster Mark Rejhon. It is now easily achieved by hand-sliding a common camera on a common camera rail, while taking picture of on-screen panning motion. The temporal test pattern records the tracking error of a hand-driven tracking camera. You simply repeat hand-driven camera passes until the target tracking accuracy is achieved, thanks to super-easy error-margin verification (instructions) via temporal test pattern.

Pursuit camera photos are much more accurate than static photos of PixPerAn. Blur Busters has captured accurate photographs of motion blur and motion artifacts:
Photos: LCD Motion Artifacts 101
Photos: LCD Overdrive Artifacts
Photos: 60Hz vs 120Hz vs LightBoost

Pursuit cameras are also used by some scientific papers as well.
Rtings.com credits Blur Busters for the temporal test pattern technique.

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GSYNC DIY Kits — Back in stock at NVIDIA

gsync-logoAfter being sold out, the GSYNC DIY Kits are now back in stock at NVIDIA’s website!

1. The DIY Kit requires ASUS VG248QE.
2. Get the GSYNC DIY Kit from NVIDIA.
3. Follow DIY install instructions.

For new readers, see GSYNC Preview Part One: Fluidity and Part Two: Input Lag.
For readers who prefer a fully built GSYNC monitor, they are coming later this year.

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VESA adopts AMD’s FreeSync Proposal

amdRegular readers of Blur Busters are aware of AMD’s FreeSync answer to NVIDIA GSYNC.

This hardware.fr article confirms that the specification change request has been accepted by VESA, a standards organization. This adds variable refresh rate support to DisplayPort 1.2a (aka FreeSync). Variable refresh rate (GSYNC and FreeSync) in computer monitors greatly improve the motion quality of variable frame rate gaming, by eliminating tearing, stutters, and reducing input lag, as revealed in GSYNC Preview Part #1 and Part #2.

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CHART: Display Persistence versus Motion Blur

This is a new chart that compares motion blur based on display persistence of different displays and technologies. For every 1ms of display persistence, there is 1 pixel of additional motion blur during 1000 pixels/second motion, for frame rates matching Hz. Demo animations include TestUFO Persistence and TestUFO Black Frame Insertion.


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LightBoost for 60Hz: Gaming Consoles / Sports Television!

banner-zseries-strobedTests were made, and we have recently discovered that BENQ XL2720Z Version 2 + Blur Busters Strobe Utility produces a successful LightBoost-like zero motion blur CRT effect during 60fps games, including PC/Mac, emulators, and 60fps console games including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One 60fps games. Sports television such as football and racing, had plasma-clarity motion!
First, adjust the monitor with the Utility, and then plug the console/television box in.

Be warned 60Hz strobing flickers like a 60Hz CRT/plasma, so if you hate 60Hz CRT flicker, this is not for you. However, witnessing CRT-clarity motion at 60fps on an LCD, is a very new experience for a flat panel desktop computer monitor!

Currently, the BENQ online store is now shipping XL Z-Series Version 2.

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PC Games Hardware publishes Blur Busters GSYNC Input Lag Tests

featuredinPC Games Hardware magazine, a Germany gaming magazine, has published (German version) in the April 2014 newsstand issue, our GSYNC Input Lag Tests (English version).

(Credit is given to Blur Busters on Page 96 of the magazine!)

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BENQ America makes “Blur Busters Strobe Utility” an authorized 3rd party utility!

logo-BenQ[1]BENQ posted on info.benq.us that Blur Busters Strobe Utility is one of the BENQ-authorized 3rd party utilities for XL2420Z and XL2720Z!

Blur Busters Strobe Utility allows customizing BENQ Blur Reduction for better picture, and for optimizing for preference of less input lag versus less ghosting.

You can now get your BENQ Z-Series monitor upgraded by BENQ for free to Version 2 firmware (by April 30th) if you prefer not to do the DIY upgrade.

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Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 VR Headset uses low-persistence OLED

dk2_front_small2[1]The Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2) virtual reality headset has been announced today, featuring a strobed low-persistence OLED to reduce motion blur!

Oculus has come a long way since the Kickstarter days – John Carmack quit iD Software to lead Oculus.

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Instructions: DIY Firmware Upgrade For BENQ Z-Series

BENQ has V2 firmware at gaming.benq.com/downloads.

To install V2 Firmware on your BENQ Z-Series monitor (XL2420Z, XL2411Z, and XL2720Z), there are now detailed step-by-step instructions to install V2 firmware. Early feedback is very positive (better than LightBoost):

Forum post by LogicElite:
“The monitor is now flashed !! and the utility is just AWESOME !!”

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Samsung 4K 1ms LCD for $699 preorder

samsung4kAlthough not “Better Than 60Hz”, this is a fast and inexpensive 4K 60Hz LCD display (1ms TN) for computer desktop use.

For resolution nuts, the Samsung 28″ 3840×2160 Ultra High Def monitor is now available for preorder on Amazon.com, shipping April 18th, 2014!

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Blur Busters Strobe Utility App Released!

The Blur Busters Strobe Utility is now available for download!

If you have a BENQ Z-Series monitor (XL2411Z, XL2420Z, or XL2720Z) with V2 firmware, this app allows BENQ Blur Reduction to become better than LightBoost.

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BENQ releases V2 firmware for XL2411Z, XL2420Z, XL2720Z

logo-BenQ[1]BENQ just made an announcement for the V2 firmware for the BENQ Z-Series monitor. It is compatible with Blur Busters Strobe Utility - this utility allows adjusting (fix) the artifact discovered by Blur Busters.

UPDATE: Here are V2 Firmware upgrade instructions (if you already have a Z-Series), or alternatively, purchase Z-Series with V2 firmware preinstalled (if not purchased yet).

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BENQ W7000 DLP Projector Supports True 120Hz at 720p

81Xds4XQOLL._SL1500_[1]Previous Optoma DLP projectors have been widely reported to be able to do true 120Hz at 720p. Normally 120Hz is for 60Hz/60Hz frame-sequential 3D, but also works for 2D.

We have received reports that the BENQ W7000 DLP projector also successfully works at 1280x720p for 120Hz 2D without frame skipping (only during 720p).

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Blur Busters Strobe Utility For BENQ Z-Series Monitors

Announcing the Blur Busters Strobe Utility for BENQ Z-Series monitors!
EDIT: This Utility has now been released for XL2420Z, XL2720Z and XL2411Z!


This utility fixes more than 90% of the strobe crosstalk problem during BENQ Blur Reduction. See before & after photos. It requires this utility to fix 90% of the double-image effect at bottom half of screen, during fast horizontal motion at 120fps @ 120Hz.

The utility provides a huge range of persistence adjustability for BENQ Z-Series monitors similiar to LightBoost 10% vs 50% vs 100%, including the ability to go dimmer than LightBoost=10% (plus ultra sharp motion!) or brighter than LightBoost=100%.

Good news is updated firmware is already shipping (Confirmed by BENQ Taiwan). Early shipping units will not be compatible with this utility. Only December 17th, 2013 firmware (and newer) be fixable by this utility. UPDATE: You Need Version 2 Firmware For Blur Busters Strobe Utility Compatibility.

To discuss, see Announcement in Blur Busters Forums.

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TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: “So what refresh rate do I need?”

bbforumsA very interesting analysis for geeks. It links to many articles (including by Valve Software) and scientific papers, as well as touches upon why ultrahigh frame rates (e.g. 1000fps at 1000Hz) is the only way to achieve flicker-free low persistence without strobing, phosphor, black frames or similar light modulation.

Read Technical Analysis: “So what refresh rate do I need?
(See Page 1Page 2, Page 3 of Blur Busters Forum Area 51 thread)

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