Engineering for High Quality Display Motion Blur Reduction

Many new gaming monitors now support optional blur reduction such as LightBoost, ULMB, MOTION240, DyAC, and other brands.

Some gaming monitor manufacturers are better than others in doing Motion Blur Reduction on an LCD panel (without bad strobe-crosstalk double-image effects).

Here is a very good annotated diagram of how difficult it is to engineer high-quality strobe backlights and scanning backlights. This is a diagrammed frame of a high speed video of an LCD panel.

Geeks, engineers, and advanced users can also see Electronics Hacking: Creating a Strobe Backlight, to understand the science/physics of motion blur reduction via backlight strobing.

Microsoft EDGE browser still stuck at 60Hz in W3C violation

Unfortunately, the Microsoft EDGE web browser still does not support at anything higher than 60Hz on over 100+ gaming monitors.

EDGE 15 from Windows 10 Creator’s Update still has not fixed this problem, even as gaming monitors begin to proliferate (FreeSync, GSYNC, 120/144/240Hz, etc) — there is now over a hundred models available when added together.

Specific members of Chromium & FireFox teams purchased 120Hz+ monitors and fixed their browsers years ago, as confirmed via their BugZilla tracking systems. This is a W3C standard “requestAnimationFrame”.

We wonder why Microsoft has not caught up yet on this W3C standard.

UPDATE: Mark Rejhon, with prior industry standards writing experience, has submitted a suggested modification to W3C HTML 5.2 DRAFT 8 based on industry feedback.

Dell 30″ OLED 4K monitor has motion blur reducing strobe mode

The Dell U3017Q monitor, while a 60Hz display, apparently has a motion blur reducing mode via a pulsed rolling-scan method. The blur-reducing modes can be accessed via the Dell monitor menus.

When this optional single-strobe mode is enabled, it does flicker a lot like a 60Hz CRT, but reduces OLED motion blur by a huge amount — approximately 75% less motion blur.

In theory, this Dell 30″ OLED monitor could be a Holy Grail non-CRT display for 60Hz gaming if you don’t mind flicker — e.g. 60fps-locked games, console gaming, MAME/arcade/emulators, 4K 60fps videos,  etc.

This 30 inch 4K OLED has 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

We hope such OLED monitors will eventually be made available as 120Hz+, with a 100% lag-less OLED rolling scan (pulsed) mode. Such a monitor could be the ultimate competition gaming/eSports monitor!