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Updated List of G-SYNC Monitors: April 2017 Edition

The Official Blur Busters List of G-SYNC Monitors has now been updated. There are now almost three dozen models of gaming displays with G-SYNC as of April 2017, with refresh rates 60Hz through 240Hz. Questions? Join the Blur Busters Forums.

Motion blur photography of Samsung C24FG70 and C27FG70

A german site, Lim’s Cave has begun using the Blur Busters’ invented pursuit camera technique (peer-reviewed!) to capture some very good display motion blur photography of a Samsung C24FG70 / Samsung C27FG70 monitor. The Samsung monitors use a motion blur-reduction strobe backlight during “Response Time” setting of “Faster” and “Fastest”. Photo credit: Lim’s Cave review in German language.

New Motion Blur Reduction FAQ

There are now many dozen gaming monitors with Blur Reduction features, including NVIDIA’s Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB), as well as BENQ’s Blur Reduction / Dynamic Acceleration (dyAC), in addition to older LightBoost. See our new Display Motion Blur Reduction FAQ. This new FAQ helps to explain the pros/cons of display Motion Blur Reduction (strobe backlights),… Read more »

New 2017 Blur Busters Website Design

At long last – Spring 2017 – we are pleased to launch the brand new 2017 Blur Busters website design. Several new articles have been written, including the new G-SYNC 101 series, and the old monitor list has been updated — with new 2017 Official Gaming Monitor List. We are now going to resume new articles more… Read more »