Chrome malfunctioning at 120Hz, IE now supporting 120Hz

chrome-ieEver since Blur Busters started doing 120Hz Web Browser Tests, we have been watching which browsers runs TestUFO animations at 120 frames per second on 120Hz monitors.

The latest Internet Explorer 11 update now supports 120Hz, long after the bug report to Microsoft. Now, a new bug report to Google has been made.

It is ironic that the baton has been passed to Internet Explorer 11 as now being the best current browser to run motion tests.

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5 Responses to Chrome malfunctioning at 120Hz, IE now supporting 120Hz

  1. redmist77 says:

    I’m running the very latest IE11 from Windows Update in Win8.1 Update 1 and I still only see the 60fps UFO on testufo.

  2. redmist77 says:

    It seems that IE11 is capped to 100Hz if vsync is enabled.

  3. Radley_Fairfield says:

    I can’t seem to get IE or Chrome now to work at 120 fps. Using IE11 on testufo only gives me a 72 fps pattern on my 144 Hz monitor.

    Are there any 120 fps videos that we can use to test monitors without having to use the web browsers? I mean more of a controlled test setup, similar to the video used in the Lightboost demonstration, rather than the more practical real-world stuff like the Battlefield 4 video.

  4. redmist77 says:

    There’s definitely a 100fps cap in IE11. If I set the refresh to 100Hz I get the 100fps UFO test but it I set it to 110Hz I only get a 55fps UFO test.

  5. Asmodian says:

    I am on Win8.1 with I.E. 11 and I also get 72Hz (72, 36) when running at 144Hz, 60Hz (60, 30) at 120Hz, and 100Hz (100, 50, 25) at 100Hz.

    Both Firefox (31.0) and Chrome (a slightly newer 37.0.2062.94 beta-m (64-bit)) display 144 Hz (144, 72, 36) and seem OK to me.

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