List of 120Hz Monitors – Includes 144Hz, 240Hz

First published September 8th, 2014

120hz-monitorThis is the Blur Busters Official List of 120Hz, 144Hz and 240Hz computer monitors, including LightBoost monitors, gaming monitors, and overclockable monitors, including 1080p and 1440p monitors.
Type of Monitors: LightBoostOverclockable | Samsung | Other

120Hz Monitors – Motion Blur Eliminating

Includes: LightBoost, ULMB (G-SYNC), EIZO Turbo 240, BENQ Blur Reduction
These monitors eliminate motion blur using an optional strobe backlight mode such as LightBoost. For more info, see TFTCentral: Motion Blur Reduction Backlights for explanations. Low-persistence strobe backlights allows LCD to have CRT motion clarity.

Monitor Size Resolution Refresh Rate Technology
ASUS VG248QE 24″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz LightBoost
ASUS VG248QE G-SYNC 24″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz GSYNC / ULMB / PWM-Free
ASUS ROG PG278Q 27″ 2560×1440 TN 144Hz GSYNC / ULMB / PWM-Free
ASUS VG278HE 27″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz LightBoost
ASUS VG278HR 27″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz LightBoost
BENQ XL2420G 24″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz GSYNC / ULMB / PWM-Free
BENQ XL2411T (Euro) 24″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz LightBoost
BENQ XL2420TE (US/CAN) 24″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz LightBoost / PWM-Free
BENQ XL2420T (Euro) 24″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz LightBoost / PWM-Free
BENQ XL2720T 27″ 1920×1080 TN 120Hz LightBoost
BENQ XL2411Z* 24″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz BENQ Blur Reduction / PWM-free
BENQ XL2420Z* 24″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz BENQ Blur Reduction / PWM-free
BENQ XL2720Z* 27″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz BENQ Blur Reduction / PWM-free
BENQ XL2430T 24″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz BENQ Blur Reduction V2 / PWM-Free
ACER GN246HL 24″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz LightBoost / ToastyX NOT supported
AOC G2460PG (Euro) 24″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz GSYNC / ULMB / PWM-Free
Philips 272G5DYEB 27″ 1920×1080 TN 144Hz GSYNC / ULMB / PWM-Free
EIZO Foris FG2421 23.5″ 1920×1080 VA 120Hz native Turbo 240 / PWM-Free

*For BENQ Z-Series, these links include V2 firmware required for Strobe Utility.

Overclockable Monitors

These monitors are overclockable to 120Hz (or close), using either IPS or PLS panel technology, mainly Korean monitors. See the 120Hz 1440p IPS/PLS Guide.

Monitor Size Resolution Refresh Rate
QNIX QX2710 Evolution 2 27″ 2560×1440 ~90Hz – 130Hz
X-Star DP2710 27″ 2560×1440 ~90Hz – 130Hz
Overlord Tempest X270OC 27″ 2560×1440 ~90Hz – 130Hz
Overlord PCB Upgrade 27″ 2560×1440 ~90Hz – 130Hz
Catleap 2B 27″ 2560×1440 ~120Hz

120Hz Monitors – Older LightBoost

These are older LightBoost monitors that are now discontinued.

Monitor Size Resolution Refresh Rate Technology
ASUS VG278H 27″ 1920×1080 TN 120Hz LightBoost
BENQ XL2420T (Rev 1.0) 24″ 1920×1080 TN 120Hz LightBoost
BENQ XL2420TX 24″ 1920×1080 TN 120Hz LightBoost
ACER HN274HB bmiiid 27″ 1920×1080 TN 120Hz LightBoost

120Hz Monitors – Older Samsung (Strobed)

These Samsung monitors works with the Samsung Zero Motion Blur HOWTO.
However, most of these Samsung monitors are discontinued.

Monitor Size Resolution Refresh Rate
Samsung S23A700D 23″ 1920×1080 120Hz
Samsung S23A750D 23″ 1920×1080 120Hz
Samsung S23A950D 23″ 1920×1080 120Hz
Samsung S27A700D 27″ 1920×1080 120Hz
Samsung S27A750D 27″ 1920×1080 120Hz
Samsung S27A950D 27″ 1920×1080 120Hz

120Hz Monitors – Other

These monitors do not have a motion blur reduction strobe backlight.
Most are older 120Hz displays that are discontinued, while some displays are newer.

Monitor Size Resolution Refresh Rate
Philips 242G5DJEB 24″ 1920×1080 144Hz
AOC g2460Pqu 24″ 1920×1080 144Hz
ASUS VG236H 23″ 1920×1080 120Hz
ASUS VG236HE 23″ 1920×1080 120Hz
BENQ XL2410T 24″ 1920×1080 120Hz
ACER GD245HQ, GN245HQ 24″ 1920×1080 120Hz
ACER GD235HZ 23″ 1920×1080 120Hz
ACER HN274H bmiiid 27″ 1920×1080 120Hz
Iiyama Prolite GB2488HSU-B1 27″ 1920×1080 144Hz
Iiyama Prolite G2773HS 27″ 1920×1080 120Hz
Alienware AW2310 23″ 1920×1080 120Hz
Planar SA2311W 23″ 1920×1080 120Hz
LG W2363D-PF 23″ 1920×1080 120Hz
Hanns-G HS233H3B 23″ 1920×1080 120Hz
Samsung 2233rz 22″ 1680×1050 120Hz
Viewsonic VX2265wm, VX2268wm 22″ 1680×1050 120Hz
Viewsonic V3D245 24″ 1920×1080 120Hz

True 120Hz Televisions / Projectors

Some HDTV and projectors can be used as a 120Hz computer monitor, see HDTV Overclocking HOWTO: 120Hz from PC to TV. There are others, however, the displays below are carefully selected displays with consistent success reports of true 120Hz.

Monitor Size Resolution Refresh Rate
SEIKI 4K HDTV – 50″ Version (not 39″) 50″ 1920×1080 120Hz (during 1920×1080)
Optoma GT720 DLP Projector >100″ 1280×720 120Hz
Optoma GT750 DLP Projector >100″ 1280×720 120Hz

Specialty 120Hz Monitors

These monitors are targeted towards scientific purposes. These monitors will typically massively outperform all other 120Hz flat panel monitors. These are expensive 120Hz IPS and 120Hz VA panels, rather than TN panels.

Monitor Size Resolution Refresh Rate
VIEWPixx Scientific Display 22″ 1920×1200 IPS 120Hz
Eizo FDF2405W 23.5″ 1920×1080 VA 120Hz native / 240Hz internal

Additions & Questions?

For questions, come post in the new Blur Busters Forums! Heard of a new new 120Hz display? Tell us about it, such as a new LightBoost monitor, or a missing 120Hz monitor of any LCD / LED / flat panel type, that can accept a 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz monitors, strobe backlight monitors, or similar. This list of 120Hz gaming monitors is current as of 2013.

49 Responses to List of 120Hz Monitors – Includes 144Hz, 240Hz

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  4. Hitzzz says:

    I am planning to buy a 3D monitor but confused between these 2 ::
    BenQ XL2411T & Samsung S23A700D .

    Please suggest which I should go for ?


    • The XL2411T has reportedly less input lag.
      The S23A700D has reportedly better colors.

      However, if you’re looking for the best-quality colors while enabling LightBoost motion blur elimination (instructions), the 27″ ASUS/BENQ LightBoost monitors including VG278H and XL2720T have tended to have approximately double the contrast ratio (in LightBoost mode), for people who are more picky about color quality in LightBoost mode.

      However, the VG248QE (inexpensive in USA) and the XL2411T (inexpensive in Europe) also perform amazingly for FPS gaming, and are popular buys for the budget-minded 120Hz gamer.

  5. ffaears says:

    hi which monitor best i playing a lot FPS Gaming like CS:GO AND COD AND BF3 EVER MORE
    i need clear quality not much blur and ghosting
    i need DVI AND HDMI
    why i need HDMI Because i will use game console for XBOX 360 AND PS3

    i prefer screen size 27inch

    • The BENQ XL2720T should fit this bill quite nicely.

      One note, with all of the LightBoost monitors, you will only be able to use LightBoost with the computer, but not with consoles. Strobe-backlight modes on current models (as of 2013) mainly run at 100Hz to 120Hz in order to avoid flicker. Consoles run at 60Hz. That said, you will still get best-of-class 60Hz motion quality (compared to other LCD monitors).

  6. Kirk says:

    Just a quick question:

    Does this get me anywhere when my FPS are much lower then the Hz of the monitor (E.g. ~42 FPS VSync on ATI)? Does the latest Catalyst support 144Hz VSync (should result in 36 FPS)?

    I if those are a yes I found this comparison on youtube:
    They say the ASUS VG278HE produces much better colors then the
    BenQ XL2720T. Can you confirm this or did they just not calibrate the colors? I am especially looking for good grey scales and good contrast in dark scenes (it has to be 1920×1080, 27″ <400€) which one would be better suited?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Kirk says:

      P.S. did anyone try this with FXAA? It is said to produce texture blur in motion, maybe there is a comparison between FXAA and CMAA?

    • Generally, the 27″ LightBoost displays usually generate a better picture quality than the 24″ LightBoost displays. I like the colors on my 27″ ASUS VG278H better than the colors on my 24″ BENQ XL2411T. The colors on the 23.5″ EIZO FG2421 are even better than both, though.

      However, between VG278HE and XL2720T, it’s hard to say. A lot of this is due to calibration, but I am unaware of what calibration that they did. That said, I know that CallSignVega of OCN bought both VG278HE and XL2720T, and compared both in LightBoost mode (he didn’t care about non-LightBoost colors as much as he cared about motion blur elimination) — and found them to be almost identical in quality, in that important motion blur reduction mode. Two monitors can have their ‘tables turned’ against each other when comparing strobed mode versus non-strobed mode.

      In fact, while LightBoost traditionally degrades colors, the LightBoost colors of the ASUS VG278H looks better than the non-LightBoost colors of the BENQ XL2411T (older Revision 1.0 model). So there’s dramatic differences between models.

      Having seen the displays (and currently testing the EIZO FG2421), Blur Busters currently recommends, as of November 2013:
      EIZO FG2421 — Strobed VA panel with superior colors to TN. More expensive but can be worth it.
      BENQ XL2420TE — PWM free, best color quality in a 24″ monitor while also having good quality LightBoost
      ASUS VG278H — Best LightBoost color quality

  7. Imba says:

    Hello, I play a lot cs 1.6 and cs go, can you tell me which monitor should I buy but it has to be 150euros or cheaper :-/ Thx

    • At your budget, an open-box ASUS VG248QE or BENQ XL2411T is your best bet. I’ve seen them occasionally break underneath 250 Euro.

      If you cannot afford that, then you may be stuck in the 60Hz world a little while longer — with lots more motion blur (as much as 12x more motion blurring, than an optimized LightBoost monitor). That little 100 extra Euro would give you a major upgrade for your FPS gaming, try saving a bit longer and buying during Boxing Week. It’s like deciding between a Volkswagon Bug for 150euro and a Ferrari for 250euro — that 50 euro extra gives you 120Hz, which is a big performance upwards.

      On the other hand, if your graphics is slow (most games run only 30fps or less), having a 120Hz monitor won’t really help much during 30fps gaming — focus on buying a faster graphics card first. Such as a Geforce GTX 760 or similar.

  8. Imba says:

    And 22″ or smaller
    Maybe Asus VX238H?

  9. shikodo says:

    Hey Mark

    I’ve been reading tons of sites for hours and I’m really looking for your opinion if that is ok. I play FPS only, BF4 and RO2 at the moment and I want to upgrade my monitor for the best viewing and performance experience for the time that I do get to game. I’ve been toying with one of the possible 3 options:

    1. A 24″ Lightboost monitor 120hz 1920×1080
    2. A 27″ Lightboost monitor 120hz 1920×1080
    3. A 27″ Korean Job, Shimian or Catleap possibly hackable to 120hz 2560×1600 (I’m not a very technical person, not sure if that excludes me from this option)

    There is so much information out there. I would imagine that pixels are larger on the 27″ Lightboost monitor making the image not as nice, is that a correct assumption? I really want a nice balance of a really nice looking image and great performance. I’m currently running two nvidia gtx 570s in sli but plan to sell those two and perhaps just grab one gtx 770.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I’m lost :/

  10. vodka0tter says:

    Are there any 30″ (2560 x 1600) IPS monitors that are capable of overclocking to 120hz?

  11. No. The overclockables only go up to 1440p at this time. There has been various talk of adding a capability to overclock the SEIKI at 3840×2160@120Hz within a year, but it’s all dependant on the available electronics components. A thread will likely be created in the Blur Busters Forums (when online) by the beginning of 2014.

    (Currently, the SEIKI 50″ only supports true 120Hz only during 1920x1080p)

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  14. insanerex says:

    Hey, what monitor would you recommend for someone looking for 120hz on a budget?

  15. jomaster says:


    i am going to buy a tripple monitor setup for my AMD R290 CF. But i am not so sure what monitor would fit best to me. I want a 27″ 120Hz+, but since LightBoost is a nVidia technology, i am not so sure if i can profit from it. Also i am not so sure, if i should choose the Asus VG278HE or BenQ XL2720T. Or is there even an alternative for 27″ 120Hz Monitors?

    I hope you can help me!!

  16. k3o says:


    I want to buy 3x monitors for gaming on 2x GTX780 Ti on a budget of $900. I have my eyes on the ASUS VG248QE for now, but do you think there are any other alternatives for this price? The Eizo Foris isn’t too expensive for its performance, but it is for my budget. If I get the Asus, I’ll probably use the 3D once and then forget about it, also I don’t play FPS much so I’m not that sensitive about response time. What would you recommend me? If there are any 27″ alternatives, I might use them vertically, it looks really cool.
    Thanks in advance!

  17. Barbao says:

    Hi !

    I have a Philips 242G5DJEB and the UFO Test still show only 60 fps, even with monitor set to 120 hz.
    The site say “If using a 120Hz monitor, then 120fps will automatically be added to this test “, but its not working for me. Even if I set to 120 hz, not to 144 hz.
    Anyone know why ?

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  20. shiftypowers50 says:


    LT-52246 Mitsubishi 126hz. This tv looks amazing in 60 hz, when i overclocked to 126hz everything looks perfect except for txt any ideas? I’m a noob, I read once about timings? any help would be much appreciated. also this tv has an internal 120hz feature and even at 60 hz it looks very smooth, is it possible im still getting 120hz at 60hz ?

  21. jaranis says:

    Just saw the Acer GN246HL on Newegg for $240. 144Hz and looks like it’s LightBoost capable. Anybody tried it?

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  26. ssll8 says:

    so for right now what is the best monitor for PC gaming (using hight end AMD video card)? coz i just cant choose
    i feel dumb thats i still have 60Hz monitor lol

  27. Robster says:

    This List is Helpful… But the Iiyama Prolite GB2488HSU-B1 is 24″ not 27″ So it’s in the wrong list… Thinking of getting this Monitor Myself…. the Asus Vg278 is the only thing stopping me right now… the 27″ is Appelling along with the Corssairs the Asus Gives for Gaming …. I also Heard that because of Asus g-sync the Latency will be Slightly higher on the asus? anyone Know if this is true?

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  29. ShariX says:

    Hi Blur Buster,

    I think about buying a BenQ 2430t, but I’m not sure about how good the blur reduction is and I’d like to know if I still need to install the Utility or if the Monitor is good as it is. It would help me a lot if you’d answer, because in Germany there apperantly is no BenQ 2411z/2420z with Firmware v2 🙁

    Greetz 🙂

  30. Alamar says:

    Can anyone review motion240 technology from LG 24GM77?

  31. aleks6969 says:

    Hi there! Read a lot of your website, its quite best in my opinion. But still I cant understand why I have a lot of tearing runing BF4 60 fps @ 60 hz and barely noticeable tearing 120 fps @ 60 hz on my LCD LG Flatron 1440×900. As I understand when fps matches refresh rate there should be no tearig at all, just like v-sync on.
    And another one question that could help me a lot – Will i get stutter free low input lag gameplay on BenQ xl2411z runing 60 fps 120 hz or 72 fps 144hz ? Or it is better to go for AOC G2460PG if your sistem cant afford 120 fps gameplay in all games?
    i5 4670, gtx 980, 8 GB 1600Mhz

  32. intikhab says:

    EIZO Foris FG2421 is too expensive for me is there any lower cost monitor with same specs? Also I was recommended of Samsung s24d390hl but how much can it be overclocked at max, pcmonitor said 72hz and didn’t pushed it beyond to see limit? is there any wide angle and good image quality monitor which can have the least motion blur while having these attributes I am even happy at 120hz without strobing or anything, would just use black frame insertion to 60hz, just not 27 inches my max limit is 24 inches and 1080p cause windows can’t handle it need to do scaling to see better. would be using it with 970gtx.

  33. intikhab says:

    can’t register forum so writing here.

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  35. BiscuitWanted says:

    Hey, quick question.

    I’m interested in a pls 27 inch (preferably) g sync 144 hz monitor that’s 1080p

    So, are there monitors like this apart from the Acer abprz, as I don’t want to spend that kind of money.

    Also, would it be a good idea to invest in an overclockable 1440p? I understand that they don’t have g sync and the rest.

    *I have a singular 980

  36. Pexec says:

    Hey Blurbusters,

    You don’t display the monitor “ACER GN246HLBbid”.

    So what are the difference between the ACER GN246HLBbid and the ACER GN246HL?
    What does that Bbid mean.


  37. headown says:

    I’m looking for a monitor to play CS:GO, CS1.6.
    I’ve been looking at these monitors:
    -AOC 24″ TN G2460FQ
    -BenQ 24″ LED XL2411Z

    Which of these monitors is better?
    If you recommend another monitor, which one?

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