G-SYNC Monitors are PWM-Free


Camera-wave photo test on VG248QE GSYNC.

Using the TFTCentral PWM test method, the ASUS VG248QE has become PWM-free through the G-SYNC upgrade. (PWM is pulse-width modulation, is a method of brightness adjustment).

G-SYNC monitors probably needs to be PWM-free in order to prevent variable PWM artifacts from occurring during variable refresh rate operation.

The test findings can be found in this Mark Rejhon post in Blur Busters Forums.

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3 Responses to G-SYNC Monitors are PWM-Free

  1. CoD511 says:

    Makes enough sense, the ROG Swift/PG278Q was confirmed as PWM free outside of ULMB and I guess we can expect similar from other G-sync monitors now 🙂

  2. MrBrown says:

    Hello CBB,

    did you ask Nvidia to confirm it?

    Also if we switch the mainboard in the Asus- how is the overdrive after that? I assume theres no way to adjust overdrive, once you have replaced the mainboard, right?

    How is the default motion sharpness (without Lightboost etc.) with the G-sync mainboard? I have my overdrive setting in the Asus at 60 or 80, mostly 80. I assume the g-sync equivalent is like the default Asus overdrive at 20 or 40, something around that.

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