World’s First 1080p Embedded 120fps Video Game Recording

IMPORTANT: Video is for “true 120Hz” gaming monitors, which can do PC games at 120fps at 120Hz. See Official 120Hz Monitor List.

EXCLUSIVE: Hypermatrix of has successfully created full screen video game play recordings at 120 frames per second! Via forum collaboration between Blur Busters and, Battlefield 3 game play recordings in true HFR 120fps video!

High Quality (fast GPU) — Play 120fps In Browser — Download 120fps MP4 (100 MB)
Low Quality (slower GPU) — Play 120fps In Browser — Download 120fps MP4 (35 MB)

After pressing play, click the Full Screen button!
If video does not play smoothly, download the video and play locally.

Prerequisites: 120Hz monitor or TV supporting 120Hz from PC with a fast GPU and a supported player (MPC-HC for 120fps on GeForce, VLC for 120fps on Radeon), or browser (Chrome, FF 23+ or IE10+) on Windows 7/8.

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15 Responses to World’s First 1080p Embedded 120fps Video Game Recording

  1. The Blur Busters Squad has tested several video players a Geforce GTX680:

    — SUCCESS: Media Player Classic Home Cinema; perfect playback
    — SUCCESS: Internet Explorer 10; perfect playback (but let it buffer first)
    — SUCCESS: FireFox 24+ Beta; usually smooth playback
    — SUCCESS: Windows Media Player; usually smooth playback
    — SUCCESS: (partial) Google Chrome; sometimes pauses, sometimes perfect.
    — UNTESTED: Safari
    — FAIL: Opera
    — FAIL: VLC Media Player (apparently, this works on AMD well)

    Feel free to post your system specs and GPU, as we’d love to hear what systems are capable of playing these video files!

  2. Post by y2kcamaross of

    I just watched it, and it was amazing, I’ve never seen such fluid motion in video form on a browser!

    Post by Arc0s of

    Looks amazing, excellent fluidity and smoothness; good job md! :thumb:

    Post by alextheawesome of

    Sweet Jeebus, this looks incredible.

    Post by Vega of HardForum:

    Great work as always Mark. That video looks wonderfully smooth! Death to 60 Hz!

  3. quaixor says:

    High quality video worked great in MPC.

    What program was used to capture this? I can capture at 120hz in FRAPS but only at half resolution.

    • Here’s the info:

      1. Recording:
      For 1920x1080p at 120fps, you need SSD RAID 0 or a RAM drive. About 1 gigabyte/second is required, including overhead room. A pair of 128GB SSD’s capable of >500MBytes/sec can be had for under $200. Alternatively, a computer with 16GB RAM can easily give you a 12GB RAM drive (as a temporary drive letter). 12 gigabytes records about 20 seconds of 1080p gameplay at 120fps.

      2. Processing:
      Hypermatrix says: “Encoded using Handbrake and x264 codec. The 100mb file was at 30mbps, constant framerate, “slow” encoding speed, h264 profile set to “high” and level set to 5.1. For the second file which comes in at around 30MB, it was at 10mbps, constant framerate, “placebo” encoding speed, double pass, h264 profile at “Main” and h264 level 4.0.”

  4. OC_Burner says:

    Two another solutions for recording 1080p120:

    1.Building a fast System with raid0 SSD’s and a video capture card that can record 120fps@FullHD. (costs for capture card = 1600$ )(
    Nvidia’s FCAT-System for frame rate analyzing use the same capture card.

    2. Slow down the gamespeed with cheatengine, play in slowmotion, recording with 60fps or 30fps and finally speed up the recorded video. Easy;)

  5. Some good advice is being posted on Doom9 about creating 120fps videos:

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  7. I have received a few reports that VLC is the best player for 120fps video on AMD Radeon graphics, so the recommendation has changed for the moment:

    – MPC-HC for smooth 120fps playback on GeForce.
    – VLC for smooth 120fps playback on Radeon.

  8. qimmer says:

    Plays at 120Hz on my Mac (Google Chrome & Safari).

    BenQ XL2420T
    Geforce GTX 760

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