How sharp 8K REALLY is

imageSeveral CES 2015 exhbitors were showcasing 8K prototype televisions. This is the future resolution upgrade after 4K, for the next decade.

Sharp was demonstrating this sharp (pun intended) 8K television. At 85″, it is higher dpi than a 24″ 1080p computer monitor. I had to get only four inches away to capture a photo of the six-point text at the very bottom of the screen.

See the gallery for a series of increasingly closer close-ups. The final photo is the smallest text at the bottom in the “eyechart” style of increasingly smaller text.

This will require a heck of a GPU-of-the-future to game on 8K.

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  1. Jeff says:

    7680×4320 is ~8812 pixels diagonally, or about 104 dpi at 85″.

    This would be a perfect resolution IMO at 40″-45″ monitors for normal sharp ~200 dpi 2D work with the ability to drop down to 4k UHD for 3D on mortal GPUs.

    I’d like the sharpness that the new so-called 5k monitors offer without being restricted to a display smaller than my current 30″ 2560×1600.

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