Pursuit Camera Paper (Peer Reviewed)

First published January 28th, 2017

This peer-reviewed conference paper & presentation, on the invention by Mark Rejhon (aka Chief Blur Buster) is on ResearchGate, coauthored with NOKIA, Keltek and NIST.gov.

This technique, invented by Blur Busters, enables highly accurate pursuit camera photographs of motion on a display, using an off-the-shelf camera attached to a sliding rail. Also see simple instructions using a camera with online testufo.com motion tests.

One Response to Pursuit Camera Paper (Peer Reviewed)

  1. There is now a Blur Busters Forums Thread on this too!

    As of January 2017, six reviewer sites have now adopted this Blur Busters invention:
    — TFTCentral.co.uk
    — pcmonitors.info
    — RTINGS.com
    — HDTVtest.co.uk
    — HDTVpolska.com
    — Sweclockers.com

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