AMD’s FreeSync showroom at CES 2015

imageI visited AMD’s FreeSync showroom at CES 2015, and took several photos of new displays including the brand new LG ultrawide FreeSync monitor, Samsung 4K FreeSync monitor, and others.

I’ve published a photo tour, and my initial FreeSync impressions in this post.

Go check it out!

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Mobile 120Hz IPS displays for smartphones!

At CES 2015, I visited MediaTek at CES 2015, and talked to product marketing Ervin Lai about their 120Hz mobile display.


As a previous post at AnandTech says, the display only uses ten percent more power during active use than a 60Hz display. Presumably, when idling (refresh throttled back automatically to save power in idle moments), it likely will not need additional power. For those concerned about battery, this could be a power management setting.

I did not have a chance yet to run TestUFO motion tests, however, I saw the motion on the 120Hz smartphone was much, much, much smoother. I visually confirmed that it is an IPS LCD with good viewing angles, and not a TN LCD with poor viewing angles!

Comments? Join the forum discussions!

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Blur Busters at CES 2015

imageChief Blur Buster Mark Rejhon is at CES 2015 Jan 8th and Jan 9th. We’re going to report on all the “Better Than 60Hz” technologies at the showrooms and booths.

If you have additional booths you would like him to check out, post now in the comments or the forum!

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ASUS announces MG279Q, an IPS 120Hz monitor!

imageASUS has announced a 27″ IPS 120Hz monitor with 2560x1440p resolution!

The ASUS MG279Q is a IPS LCD panel, with better colors and viewing angles than most 120Hz+ TN monitors!

The announced 5ms GtG rating may, however, prevent the ability to use LightBoost-style motion blur reduction modes. That said, it is exciting to see 120Hz+ finally officially arrive to many IPS panels!

UPDATE: This monitor supports FreeSync!

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BENQ confirms 144Hz FreeSync!

imageMore good news keep coming on the flood of CES 2015 announcements.

Another 144Hz FreeSync monitor has now been announced, as the BENQ 2730Z. AMD said on twitter that this is an IPS panel, but this is not yet confirmed by BENQ. Being a 1ms spec, this may be TN. This monitor includes BENQ Blur Reduction 2.0!

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XG270HU-02Acer just announced two 1440p monitors capable of 144Hz.

… 2560 x 1440
… 144Hz IPS with G-SYNC
… There will be no ULMB

…  2560×1440
… 144Hz TN without G-SYNC
… Blur reduction is probably included (TBA)

Sources tell me that a blur reduction strobe backlight is not available for the XB270HU IPS panel at current refresh rate. IPS pixel transitions are not yet fast enough for strobing. See high speed videos of LCDs to see why IPS does not yet include LightBoost/ULMB.

UPDATE: NVIDIA has confirmed that ULMB is available, after all! This IPS panel has an extremely quick 4ms GtG, which is just barely sufficient for good strobong. This is the first desktop strobed IPS monitor, as a result.

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Blur Busters Forums — Input Lag Talk!

bbforumsThe popular Input Lag discussion area in Blur Busters Forums is abuzz with incredibly interesting debate. Join in and reply!

CS:GO — Does 2 milliseconds matter?
flood’s input lag measurements
External framerate caps adds lag. Use in-game framerate cap.

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First AMD FreeSync monitor now available: 4K 60Hz for $500

imageThe first AMD FreeSync monitor is now available as the Iilyama ProLite 4K 60Hz display for only $500 USD (£325 UK, no VAT for North Americans).

Not altogether a shabby price for a 3840×2160 60Hz panel, but this one has motion-smoothing, stutter-eliminating, tearing-eliminating variable refresh rate technology (AMD FreeSync, an open competitor to NVIDIA GSYNC).

Currently, NVIDIA’s GSYNC technology has a huge head start and several models are available in 120Hz+ refresh rates, and is still recommended for the “Better Than 60Hz” experience for competitive gamers. However, the extra options for both red and green (AMD and NVIDIA) are good for consumers in year 2015!

UPDATE: TechReport is saying Iiyama is saying they may not provide a FreeSync upgrade to this monitor. More news will be updated when available.

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Ultrawide 34″ 1440p monitor with 3000:1 contrast

Samsung announced the SE790C, a new 34″ ultra widescreen monitor, 21:9 aspect ratio with 3440×1440 resolution, a static contrast ratio of 3000:1, with a VESA standard mount, and a gaming mode.

Currently, it does not have “Better Than 60Hz” features such as GSYNC or 120Hz+. Response is 4ms GtG, however, a non-strobed 60Hz monitor will have at least 16.7ms persistence (1/60sec). An exciting display, with a sweet view, however.

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Laser displays are zero lag, zero blur, zero persistence.

laser1While we are waiting for better tech such as strobed/rolling-scan OLED desktop gaming monitors, there’s another technology that has the potential of zero motion blur AND zero scanout lag, much like a CRT.

Some people in the Blur Busters Forum are experimenting with Microvision laser projector as a zero-lag zero-blur display. They work! Only 640×480, however. laser2They use a fast-moving mirror to scan a laser in real-time in a CRT-style fashion.  They have even solved the laser-speckled-look with a de-speckling projection film, and one person is building a higher-definition laser projector from scratch. Join the discussion on the dream of a zero-lag zero-blur display!

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Black Friday Sales push 120Hz+ to below $250

120hz-monitorMany very good 120Hz/144Hz monitors are currently on sale in these Black Friday Deals:

If you prefer extra 3840×2160 4K resolution rather than refresh rate, the ACER XB280HK GSYNC 4K monitor is now only $679!
4K monitors without GSYNC are often still more expensive.

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New iMac confirmed to run 60Hz at 5120×2880 resolution

imac-5kArs Technica confirmed, using our TestUFO motion tests, the new 5K iMac runs at a full 60Hz at 5K resolution (5120×2880).

Although this screen does not support 120Hz, it actually requires similar graphics bandwidth as 4K 120Hz.

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LG 24GM77 monitor, a 144Hz monitor with a “lightboost” clone


The upcoming LG 24GM77 gaming monitor has a strobe backlight, Motion 240 (120Hz + strobing).

This recognizes the popularity of motion-blur-eliminating strobe backlights in other 120Hz+ gaming monitors (“LightBoost”, “ULMB”, “Turbo240” and “BENQ Blur Reduction”). Blur Busters has received confirmation that Motion 240 is a strobe backlight.

LG is planning to demo the 24GM77 at IFA 2014 in Germany in early September. It is capable of 144Hz. The 24GM77 (144Hz 1080p) is mentioned in the same press release  announcing their 34″ UltraWide 34UC97 monitor (60Hz 3440×1440 21:9)

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Hyperlapse: Amazingly impressive timelapse videos!

A new method, developed by Microsoft Research is producing very impressive timelapse video, with the best image stabilization ever seen.

This is achieved by converting 2D video into 3D rendered scene, and then rendering a new “virtual camera” path through it all. This is also a new advanced form of video interpolation too, with high framerates to be rendered independently of the original video framerate. A wearable GoPro camera essentially ends up acting as a 3D scanner! See how it is done.

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Chrome malfunctioning at 120Hz, IE now supporting 120Hz

chrome-ieEver since Blur Busters started doing 120Hz Web Browser Tests, we have been watching which browsers runs TestUFO animations at 120 frames per second on 120Hz monitors.

The latest Internet Explorer 11 update now supports 120Hz, long after the bug report to Microsoft. Now, a new bug report to Google has been made.

It is ironic that the baton has been passed to Internet Explorer 11 as now being the best current browser to run motion tests.

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