End of an Era: Panasonic Stops Making Plasma TVs

panasonic-plasmaMany of us have enjoyed the motion clarity of CRT’s and plasmas for many years, and Panasonic plasma televisions have been among the best in motion clarity.

On that note, Panasonic has announced the sad end of plasma manufacturing.

Fortunately, in the black hole left behind by plasma’s gradual departure, improved OLED’s are coming (OLED motion blur is currently being fixed), and strobe backlights as well as scanning backlights helps LCD meet plasma motion resolution, too!

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2 Responses to End of an Era: Panasonic Stops Making Plasma TVs

  1. nuninho1980 says:

    I have Plasma 42″ but it fails to sound to CRT because I got less motion blur but micro-stutter+artifacts at 600Hz sub-frame enabled while I got originally motion blur at sub-frame disabled.
    I’m super happy for perfect and no any issues (motion blur, stutter…) running CRT 21″ Samsung SyncMaster 1100P+ (it’s professional :D).

    Is OLED TV-monitor motion blur fixed!?! But very likely, Sony monitor professional BVM is much less motion blur than PVM. Any other OLED?

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