See our G-SYNC hands-on preview.

Our unique preview of G-SYNC utilizes exclusive TestUFO animations that demonstrates the benefits of G-SYNC.

Check out our Part #1, and then follow @BlurBusters on Twitter to wait for our release of Part #2!

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3 Responses to We Test NVIDIA G-SYNC!

  1. dreamss says:

    question does the asus keep the gameplus crosshair after the gsync kit is installed?

    • I suspect you will lose this crosshair, in the NVIDIA firmware, at least for the early G-SYNC monitors. The whole ROM is replaced with something NVIDIA wrote, rather than something that ASUS wrote. This probably will change once ASUS releases factory-manufactured GSYNC monitors.

  2. mymid says:

    Thanks for this website – I have referred many people here.


    1. Does this mean Asus GSync is the new king of the hill or is it still the Benq?

    2. Will the new Benq that were just announced be rendered obsolete with GSync?

    Thank you.

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