High Speed Video of Strobe Backlight

Strobe backlights eliminate motion blur on LCD displays. Several 120 Hz monitors now have a refresh-synchronized strobe backlight feature that can be enabled, to allow CRT crystal clear motion on LCD. This high-speed video (1000 fps) demonstrate a LightBoost strobe backlight successfully bypassing LCD pixel transitions:

The backlight is turned off while waiting for pixel transitions (unseen by human eyes), and the backlight is strobed only on fully-refreshed LCD frames (seen by human eyes). The strobes can be shorter than pixel transitions, breaking the pixel transition speed barrier! In addition, it eliminates the sample-and-hold effect.

These new LCD displays with zero perceptible motion blur, have less motion blur than plasma displays, and match CRT motion clarity! See List of 120Hz Monitors.

Note: The ASUS VG278H monitor in the video is displaying TestUFO flicker test in Chrome web browser running in full screen mode. The Casio EX-FC200S high speed video feature was used.