4K TV for only $1500; can do 1920×1080 @ 120Hz native!

The brand new SEIKI brand 4K HDTV has arrived with 3840×2160 resolution for only $1500 on TigerDirect.  This is an incredibly low introductory price for 4K HDTV.  A big bonus is that it also supports a native 120Hz refresh rate at 1080p!


A user on HardForum has discovered that the SEIKI 4K HDTV can run 1920×1080 successfully at a native 120Hz refresh rate!  Confirmed by Refresh Rate Multitool. It also appears to run at higher refresh rates as shown below, though 120 Hz is the maximum supported rate with no frame skipping.

seiki4k_720p@192Hz   seiki4k_720p@133Hz

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  1. ahigh says:

    I just wanted to point out that I am getting 1920×1080@120Hz by setting up a custom resolution in the NVidia control panel and running no other custom software. I did not have to purchase any adapters as the guy did on this forum post. Just wanted to keep other folks who have NVidia cards from buying $30 worth of hardware to get this mode when they don’t have to do it. Just add the resolution from the NVidia control panel. I used “help” on “custom resolution” from the NVidia control panel, and only provided the width, height, and refresh rates, and the NVidia control panel did everything else.

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