8K 120Hz video cable: SuperMHL

imageCan you imagine 7680×4320 resolution running at 120Hz?

At CES 2015, MHL’s booth showed off a new SuperMHL cable connection capable of 8K 120Hz. It is standardized over a USB Type C connector, with extra lanes of data traffic.

Smartphones were also playing 4K video over this cable to 4K HDTVs.

There was a also stunning Samsung 8K display showing a video loop, running over a single cable!

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2 Responses to 8K 120Hz video cable: SuperMHL

  1. SS4 says:

    Hmm, nice for watching pre rendered stuff in all its glory but damn, 120 FPS and 8K res . . . don’t even think quad 980 would suffice unless you turn down graphics thus ending with much uglier image than a 1080p res 😛
    I hope GPU are gonna leap in power very soon at least as much as when the 8800 came out. At least they arent stagnating as much as recent CPU in therms of performance increase lol

  2. fury says:

    8k is so 2020. Needs moar 15k. 15360×8640 at 1000hz, preferably.

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