AMD Demonstrates Desktop FreeSync Monitor

freesync1[1]pcper reports that AMD demonstrated a prototype FreeSync monitor with DisplayPort Adaptive Sync — AMD’s answer to GSYNC.

The demonstration occured at Computex 2014, and was a modified version of an existing computer monitor, via a firmware upgrade to its electronics. Prebuilt FreeSync monitors could arrive by end of 2014, albiet 2015 is more likely.

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4 Responses to AMD Demonstrates Desktop FreeSync Monitor

  1. boniek says:

    What about freesync and low persistence working at the same time? That is like one of the most important questions that weren’t asked 🙂

  2. 90180360 says:

    You really think they’d be silent about it if it was possible?

    • boniek says:

      No idea. Since low persistence seems not to be part of free sync product it might be left up to display manufacturers. It would be nice to hear some sort of confirmation either way.

  3. Alamar says:

    So gsync/freesync won’t work on for example rog swift monitor on AMD videocard with newest drivers?

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