EIZO announces Foris FG2421, a 240Hz VA gaming monitor!

fg2421Eizo has announced the Foris FG2421, a new 240Hz VA monitor has been released! This is the retail gaming version of the previously released FDF2405W professional monitor which also uses a official/optional strobe backlight setting to eliminate motion blur. No interpolation is used!

Blur Busters is being sent a review unit from Eizo, and it will be arriving this month. And, yes, we will benchmark it against LightBoost. Being a VA panel with a LightBoost-like strobe backlight without color problems, we would naturally expect it to vastly outperform LightBoost quality, while also being easy to enable on any graphics card.

See the Eizo white paper about how the Turbo240 strobe backlight operates.  Also, this monitor can be 100% PWM free when you disable Turbo240, for the best of both worlds!

EDIT: FG2421 is now now available on Amazon.com.

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  1. felvhage says:

    This is great news. Especially for AMD-Gamers.
    Assuming it will keep up given expectations, the only reason for me not getting this monitor, would be that it does not support g-sync.

  2. felvhage says:

    First german Review (PCGH).
    They are not disappointed. Very good contrast, slight ghosting, and a modest 15ms inputlag. 5 Years warranty. Price: 500 €. No lightboost comparison.
    This is extremly tempting.

    • damiola says:

      slight ghosting?
      modest 15ms inputlag?
      waiting review from blurbusters in compare of Benq XL2411T with enabled and disabled Lightboost

      • We definitely will put the FG2421 under our microscope (figuratively speaking), as an original Blur Busters oriented review, including these tests:

        — High speed 1000fps video similar to this LightBoost video.
        — Pursuit camera photography (info)
        — Comparision of input lag: LightBoost vs Turbo240
        — Comparision of ghosting, color quality, etc.
        — Blur Busters Input Lag Tester prototype (will be preorderable for early 2014). Leo-bodnar style sensor, but 120Hz/1440p/4K/LightBoost compatible.

        The Blur Busters review will be oriented for the Blur Busters audience, focussing far more on motion blur aspects rather than color calibration. It is highly likely, I’ll personally be purchasing one for keeps, since this is such great progress beyond “TN hell” of the 120Hz world. We’ll also benchmark G-SYNC once we snag a G-SYNC upgrade board.

        We’re welcoming suggestions on what you’d like us to test for.

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  5. Ewok says:

    Also, this monitor is 100% PWM free when you disable Turbo240, for the best of both worlds!

    Are you sure? The white paper you linked in your comment mentions “high-rate PWM”.

  6. CYBER-NINJA says:

    Cool Eizo Foris FG2421 promo vid on YT:-


    A good in-depth review can be found here:-


    For Sellers and Distributors just select your country from the Global drop-down menu and then look in the bottom right corner:-


    They also sell direct in NA too!!! 😉

    • Great news!

      P.S. It’s now available for preorder on Amazon.com. We at Blur Busters, humbly suggest that Blur Busters readers buy such computer products, small or big, through our Amazon links to support the work of Blur Busters! Every time you buy anything through Amazon links located on Blur Busters, Amazon sends a few pennies (or dollars) to Blur Busters. That way, you give Blur Busters a “thank you”, and indirectly contribute funding to the operation of this site. It’s up to you of course, but now you know!

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  8. boniek says:

    No g-sync? Also would love to know if standard VA panel weaknesses are present (like brutal color shift).

    • VA still has color shift, but it’s closer to IPS than TN.
      Newer, modern VA panels are now closer to IPS than TN in color shifting.

      • neel says:

        I wonder how contrast/color vary across a white screen when looking at the screen from in front of one of the side bezel.

        I’ve just discovered that switching PWM off with my fs2333 seems to dramaticaly increase both color shifting and contrast variation on this panel (and constrast is of course killed too. But I wasn’t expecting the viewing angle to be affected (and that much affected) by the PWM removal. Is it a result of the relatively matt coating of this screen ?).

  9. Eric Wang says:

    On page 12 of its manual states that it accepts 24hz signal over HDMI.
    Quite curious if Turbo240 can be enabled when using 24hz mode.
    I love watching movies with film-style motion xD (24p shutter at 48 or 72hz).

    • I don’t think they would enable strobing on HDMI. However, that would be an interesting way to recreate the original film experience (although harsher strobing than a 180 degree shutter on a film projector). I’m waiting to find out if Turbo240 can be truly enabled at other refresh rates than 120Hz (e.g. 60Hz or 72Hz). Then if that works, then maybe manually switching the monitor to 72Hz, and then using a PC Blu-Ray player, then it would work.

  10. JuryPoolReject says:

    Based on posts of certain members at Anand’s and HardOp, it’s sounding like this monitor has the best of both worlds, ie, low lag/latency/reduced blurr of the TN/120Hz BenQ and Asus, but with better color, blacks, and contrast.

    I’m getting the FG2421 when it’s available at Amazon. Another etailer has it now, but for @ $50. more.

  11. JuryPoolReject says:

    Darn, the Eizo is @ $604…. think it was @ $555. several days ago, wasn’t it? That hurts, esp after the intended upcoming purchase of the Galaxy 780-HOF model vid card….

  12. badugib says:

    Thank you Chief Blurbuster for this news! I’m really looking forward to your research on the Comparision of input lag: LightBoost vs Turbo240. Your hard work is definitely amazing and appreciated!

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