High Speed Video of Sony Trimaster OLED


Credit: Figure 20 in OLED paper on Journal of Vision

We originally created the article:
Why Do Some OLEDs Have Motion Blur?

There is a high-speed video of a Sony Trimaster OLED display which shows the same OLED scanning method written in a paper by japanese scientists (Figure 20).

OLED still uses top-to-bottom scanning that both LCD (video) and CRT (video) still do today.

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7 Responses to High Speed Video of Sony Trimaster OLED

  1. SS4 says:

    Lots of ppl expected OLED to be the holy grail of monitors but it seems that there will be lots of crappy ones just like the current LCD market . . .

  2. nuninho1980 says:

    Sony OLED BVM-series is (much) less motion blur than PVM-series but BVM is more expensive than PVM. 😉

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