LightBoost Sequel: Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB)

2d-lightboostJust revealed by bakageta on OCN who received a G-SYNC upgrade kit from another site’s giveaway.

This sequel to LightBoost, found in G-SYNC monitors, is called ULMB, which stands for Ultra Low Motion Blur.

Now that the information is out in the open, Blur Busters confirms that the information posted by bakageta is correct (we also have a GSYNC monitor too, with the ULMB feature). There is none of the colored/crimson tinting found in older LightBoost, and it has a much better default color calibration than LightBoost!

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  1. ULMB is included with G-SYNC Upgrade kits.

  2. bakageta says:

    It actually gets it’s own hardware button on the kit’s monitor, as well, which makes it very convenient to enable/disable – it’s just to the left of the power button. I generally preferred G-Sync on, which meant ULMB wasn’t available, but on older games where I hold a solid huge FPS (or all of my 2D usage) it was quick and easy to enable. Hopefully a future update or revision allows for both G-Sync and ULMB, as that would truly be the best of both worlds.

    ULMB is noticeably better than the lightboost hack on the same monitor, it’s still somewhat dimmer but it doesn’t wash out the colors or give any kind of tint to it. I don’t have a high-speed camera handy, or I’d take some sample pictures that could be compared against lightboost, however I’m sure blurbusters will jump in with these once the media ban is lifted. I’m quite impressed the improvements they made over straight lightboost, especially considering the kit has no settings for color tone or contrast.

    I do have to note that this is dreamss’ kit, courtesy of The Tech Report. English is his second language and I’m much more of a regular at OCN, so I did the write-up for it.

  3. SS4 says:

    This is great, i was hoping for Lightboost improvement and was looking forward to G Sync.
    Now both in 1 package, wow this is awesome.

  4. bakageta says:

    dreamss notes that if you try to use toastyx or similar to force lightnoost that all g-sync related options disappear from the nvidia control panel. Doesn’t look like a quick and easy way to enable both at the same time.

  5. dreamss says:

    im expecting a mixed in to be added eventually, here u can see carmack hinting about it at 4:00

  6. elvn says:

    Shockingly, when I was reading the comments on that first youtube link the asus rep informed everyone that the Asus PG278Q “G-sync” 2560×1440 120hz monitor will not officially support lightboost in 2D mode!! (aka nvidia ULMB mode .. ultra low motion blur mode that was said to be upcoming in nvidia gsync capable monitors this year) 😮 !

    Toolguns 1 day ago
    Will this monitor also feature Lightboost like most newer 3d monitors? Also interested if it will have a low motion blur mode setting available, been reading that a lot of new gsync 120hz tn panels will have a “strobe” or low perssistance mode, it’s basically the ability to use Light boost in 2d to get the CRT visuals of zero motion blur. If you Google it on Blurbusters you should be able to understand what I’m describing.
    Asus PCDIY
    As noted in the description the monitor supports both 3D VISION and LIGHTBOOST. In regards to the usage there is no dedicated mode for attempting to use LIGHTBOOST in its “hack “form. We are evaluating options for the future but as of now if you want to utilize LIGHTBOOST in this way you will need to continue to “hack” it. Thanks for the view and support.

    WoW I am shocked considering that much of the press I’ve read about “upcoming gsync monitors” is that they would have a “superior to lightboost mode” included. The omission of this as a supported feature leaving everyone to lightboost hacks is a deal breaker on this monitor for me. I was talking this up to people in the high fps crowd who are interested in blur elimination too. I will have to go back and edit posts on several forums now informing everyone of the bad news. From reports I’ve heard gsync monitors will come out that will have a superior to lightboost functionality included (mutually exclusive from the variable hz functionality of course). I guess I will have to wait longer to see what comes out after this one.

    • The good news is ROG 1440p G-SYNC monitor actually supports both LightBoost (for stereoscopic 3D) and ULMB (for 2D).

      They probably changed the LightBoost enable algorithm to be incompatible with ToastyX Strobelight, there is ULMB which is the LightBoost 2D sequel, and is generally superior to LightBoost.

      I think some reps within ASUS did not yet understand LightBoost and ULMB both are strobe backlights, just that the purposes have now become separate. ULMB is essentially the same thing as (but largely better than) LightBoost 2D.

      P.S. I recognize you from other forums. I’d love to invite you to become a participant in the newly launched Blur Busters Forum (currently requires registration of separate account than this comments system).

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  11. charjarbinks says:

    How does this compare to the ULMB feature found in G-Sync monitors?

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