Oculus Prototype Preview – 2560×1440 strobed OLED virtual relaity!

imageVisiting Oculus, the opportunity to experience some of the nearest Holodeck-like virtual reality I have experienced, viewing the Crescent Bay prototype!

My visual experience confirmed that it looks much better than the earlier DK2, and it was running 2560×1440 at 90Hz ultralow persistence (~1ms). No matter how fast I twisted my head around, I did not notice any lag or motion blur.

I put on the Crescent Bay prototype, and…

imageI witnessed a Tyannosarus Rex come chasing me, submarine interiors, standing at edge of the top of a skyscraper, and a mayhem scene in Brooklyn. This appears it can become a popular wahow we play games years from now, blowing away the best 144Hz monitor in immersion. Head tracking was superb. I could lean forward, tilt my head, turn my head. No nausea occured for me, tracking felt natural and lagless.

For best results most resembling a Holodeck, it will happily gobble up a powerful GPU setup! However, mid range cards will still benefit from the improved immersion!

Here is a poor-quality video of the Brooklyn pandemonium (taken blindly while I was wearing the oculus headset!) – this obviously needs to be experienced instead.

And here is a photo gallery of the Oculus booth. It was extremely busy, with people waiting over an hour to get a Crescent Bay demo. Fortunately, I made a reservation!

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4 Responses to Oculus Prototype Preview – 2560×1440 strobed OLED virtual relaity!

  1. omg_zozobra says:

    it will happily gobble up a multi-GPU setup such as AMD CrossFire or NVIDIA SLI

    Multi-GPU setups like Crossfire and SLI need to be avoided when using the Oculus Rift because they introduce another frame’s length of input latency. In a 90hz setup, you will have 11ms more of a delay between moving your head to seeing the movement in the world, which increases the likeliness of motion sickness.

  2. DiHydro says:

    I’m surprised no one mentioned the typo in the headline yet! Reality vs relaity.

  3. gr4474 says:

    Wow this is what I imagined in 1996 when VR buzz was new. This could make the ultimate monitor unnecessary. When could this be available? I noticed some tearing in the video. Did you see that?
    Thanks for all you do!

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