Linux can upgrade BENQ Z-Series to V2 (no hardware needed!)

Tux[1]Breakthrough for people who want to avoid the MSTAR ISP upgrader!

It is now possible to upgrade BENQ Z-Series monitor to Version 2 firmware with absolutely no external hardware — just a direct VGA connection between computer and monitor to install the Version 2 firmware on XL2411Z, XL2420Z, and XL2720Z to make them compatible with Blur Busters Strobe Utility!

Note: The instructions are still very technical. It currently requires a Linux system and a special driver, in order to install BENQ firmwares. The instructions may become simplified as enterprising users find ways to automate this upgrade process.

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6 Responses to Linux can upgrade BENQ Z-Series to V2 (no hardware needed!)

  1. ziconicz says:

    Hello chief! Can you tell me if there will be some sort of application that can run all this command lines for us unexperienced Linux users? If not I’m going to have to purchase a MSTAR..
    Thank you.

    • As of right now, there isn’t step by step instructions for the Linux method, except those already in the Blur Busters Forums.
      The MSTAR ISP method is still the easiest method, if you’re uncomfortable with the Linux method.

  2. rockyzz says:

    Hey Chief, I have a question, I´m just about to buy XL2411Z which I´m almost certain (90%) will come with v1 firm, is the upgrade to v2 easy? I never ever used linux and I´m a complete noob about it, if I stick to the tutorial, will it be easy peasy?

    Also, anyone yet found an even easier way?

    Thanks for answering!

  3. davidkozat88 says:

    And this is why I love Linux.. 😀 I recently got the BenQ XL2420Z form the UK, and even though they told me it would be firmware 2.0v when I turned it on this morning it was not.. now I tried calling up BenQ to see if they could do it, but they aren’t answering phone calls today.. (training day) so am gonna try this method, and see if I can simplify it, that is IF I can understand it in the first place :D, will late you know. 😀

  4. Metro1337 says:

    I think this should be added to one of the installation methods under following page since it’s way better:

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