VESA adopts AMD’s FreeSync Proposal

amdRegular readers of Blur Busters are aware of AMD’s FreeSync answer to NVIDIA GSYNC.

This article confirms that the specification change request has been accepted by VESA, a standards organization. This adds variable refresh rate support to DisplayPort 1.2a (aka FreeSync). Variable refresh rate (GSYNC and FreeSync) in computer monitors greatly improve the motion quality of variable frame rate gaming, by eliminating tearing, stutters, and reducing input lag, as revealed in GSYNC Preview Part #1 and Part #2.

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3 Responses to VESA adopts AMD’s FreeSync Proposal

  1. PanzerIV says:

    Oh so it won’t even be for DisplayPort v1.3 but 1.2a will support FreeSync already? Let me guess though… not a single videocard neither any monitors currently out like even t he brand new (BenQ XL2420Z) that I’m gonna buy this month, will have it right?

    Anyhow that is great news as it means someday everybody will have this rather than only laptop users as people initialy though with FreeSync, or only people with a lot of money to pay the highly marked-up price of the Gsync monitors and also have an Nvidia card only.

  2. Blue_Ninja0 says:

    Awesome!! I wasn’t expecting this so early! Now to wait for variable refresh rate monitors to appear.

  3. SS4 says:

    Well this is kewl and all but by the time this comes out itl be much cheaper to buy a DIY gsync kit for my vg248qe than buying a monitor and GPU with the new displayport . . .

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