LightBoost for 60Hz: Gaming Consoles / Sports Television!

banner-zseries-strobedTests were made, and we have recently discovered that BENQ XL2720Z Version 2 + Blur Busters Strobe Utility produces a successful LightBoost-like zero motion blur CRT effect during 60fps games, including PC/Mac, emulators, and 60fps console games including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One 60fps games. Sports television such as football and racing, had plasma-clarity motion!
First, adjust the monitor with the Utility, and then plug the console/television box in.

Be warned 60Hz strobing flickers like a 60Hz CRT/plasma, so if you hate 60Hz CRT flicker, this is not for you. However, witnessing CRT-clarity motion at 60fps on an LCD, is a very new experience for a flat panel desktop computer monitor!

Currently, the BENQ online store is now shipping XL Z-Series Version 2.

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5 Responses to LightBoost for 60Hz: Gaming Consoles / Sports Television!

  1. SS4 says:

    That is quite interesting, might be the best option for consoles so far.

  2. nuninho1980 says:

    CRT is NOT equal to plasma! Because Plasma is much softer flicker (~10 colors banding by flicker without 600/720Hz sub-frame) than CRT. I tested TV plasma. 😉

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