Easy LightBoost — ToastyX Strobelight Beta

UPDATE: The main LightBoost HOWTO has now been updated to use this method.

ToastyX from MonitorTests has released the world’s easiest method to turn on/off LightBoost 2D (FAQ) to eliminate motion blur. Even for 3-monitor surround setups!  No 3D Vision setup required anymore! Download ToastyX Strobelight.

Requires a 120Hz ASUS or BENQ monitor. Successfully working: ASUS: VG248QE, ASUS VG278H, ASUS VG278HE, BENQ XL2411T, BENQ XL2420T, BENQ XL2420TX, BENQ XL2420TE, BENQ XL2720T


Go download StrobeLight and follow up if your LightBoost monitor works.

NOTE: Make sure you add multiple Refresh Rates in Strobelight Setup (strobed and non-strobed), if you want to be able to easily turn OFF LightBoost too. If you can’t toggle LightBoost, re-run Strobelight Setup and re-install multiple refresh rates.

About Chief Blur Buster

Mark Rejhon, the founder of Blur Busters.

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Will Easy Lightboost work on a BenQ XL2430T? System: i7-6700K, ASUS Maximus VIII Impact, MSI 1070 Gaming X, Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 (2x16Gb) 32Gb Kit CAS 16. I’m new to the Gaming Experience….


So i tried ToastyX and everything was ok until the refresh rate kept resetting to different values. I read somewhere that you have to force the refresh rate to 120 by not having a different refresh rate selected. It ran great after until i tried Quakelive, which didn’t work after installing ToastyX. I decided to remove ToastyX and just go back to 144 for everything. I used the app to reset\remove the program and reset to 144.

After restarting my computer runs for a moment, then the screen goes black. I checked the Nvidia control panel and my refresh had been reset back to 120 by something? I reset it back to 144 and restarted and it did the same thing again. Now whenever I start my computer I have to set it to 144 every time.

Is there anyone that has experienced this or can help? Did the app not get completely removed? Where are the register keys located so I can check if something remains? Thanks!


Strobelight still works? I have an assus VG248 monitor and an AMD Radeon HD 5900 and the program has stopped working all of a sudden after an AMD catalyst update.

Issue is strobelight doesnt launch any more (no window, no icon on the botton task bar, just an invisible screen with a strobelight.exe process on the task manager)

Is there other reliable method to remove blur given my monitor/graphic card?

Any info is greatly appreciated!


Confirm. I have the same issue


I have VG248QE. Same problem with AMD Catalyst 14.9 update. Please fix this.


how to uninstall this? very frustrating, installed it and cuts an inch off the top of my second monitor?


Download link appears to be broken.