Easy LightBoost — ToastyX Strobelight Beta

UPDATE: The main LightBoost HOWTO has now been updated to use this method.

ToastyX from MonitorTests has released the world’s easiest method to turn on/off LightBoost 2D (FAQ) to eliminate motion blur. Even for 3-monitor surround setups!  No 3D Vision setup required anymore! Download ToastyX Strobelight.

Requires a 120Hz ASUS or BENQ monitor. Successfully working: ASUS: VG248QE, ASUS VG278H, ASUS VG278HE, BENQ XL2411T, BENQ XL2420T, BENQ XL2420TX, BENQ XL2420TE, BENQ XL2720T

strobelight-setup    strobelight

Go download StrobeLight and follow up if your LightBoost monitor works.

NOTE: Make sure you add multiple Refresh Rates in Strobelight Setup (strobed and non-strobed), if you want to be able to easily turn OFF LightBoost too. If you can’t toggle LightBoost, re-run Strobelight Setup and re-install multiple refresh rates.

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54 comments on “Easy LightBoost — ToastyX Strobelight Beta

  1. tornados2111 says:

    Hi, registered just to ask this because I might get a 120Hz monitor soon.
    Might be a stupid question but I’m new to all of this and I’m not clear enough on it. Is it possible to run lightboost on one monitor and let the other monitor run as per usual at a normal 60Hz? Thanks

    • Chief Blur Buster says:

      Yes it is possible (As long as you don’t clone).

      You should try Strobelight and see how it behaves with your setup. If Strobelight has a problem with mixed monitor setups (LightBoost + non-LightBoost), there is always several other methods of enabling LightBoost in the LightBoost HOWTO.

      Download Strobelight now and try it out.

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    • Chief Blur Buster says:

      That’s the game’s issue; try to configure the game to run at the strobed mode (e.g. 120Hz strobed) instead of the non-strobed mode (e.g. 60Hz, 121Hz or 144Hz)

      Alternate method:
      Re-run strobelight-setup and only add two refresh rates:
      120Hz (strobed)
      121Hz or 144Hz (any refresh higher than Strobed mode).
      Some games try to run at the lowest refresh by default, so that forces the game to choose the LightBoost mode.

      Failing that, try:
      Re-run strobelight-setup and only add strobed modes. Reboot. You will lose the ability to turn off LightBoost (until you rerun strobelight-setup again), but that gives your videogame no choice but to run in LightBoost.

  3. Chief Blur Buster says:

    Although Strobelight makes LightBoost easy on AMD products, Blur Busters only did testing of ToastyX Strobelight on nVidia products (I own multiple LightBoost monitors, both ASUS and BENQ).

    I believe in supporting nVidia because they made LightBoost. If you have not purchased a GPU yet, please consider leaning towards nVidia instead of AMD. Although LightBoost can now be enabled independently of 3D Vision drivers (a side effect of any third party “easy LightBoost utility”, which was VERY badly needed) — Blur Busters does not wish to upset nVidia, while gently pointing out that nVidia needs to un-bundle LightBoost 2D from 3D Vision, and make it make it easier to enable LightBoost (like turning VSYNC ON/OFF). Again, please lean towards the Green Side (aka nVidia products) if you haven’t purchased or upgraded your GPU yet. At least, please consider buying a Geforce GTX 680, Geforce GTX 780 or Geforce Titan, when you upgrade your AMD GPU to the next generation — to support nVidia’s invention of LightBoost.

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  9. darrell12 says:

    i have an alienware aw2310 and a radeon hd7950 and tried out strobelight to see if it worked with my monitor. the program just tells me that no compatible displays are found. while trying to see if the aw2310 actually HAS lightboost, i found a few conflicting posts from about lightboost, where one poster says it didn’t change anything and two say that it had a visible effect. basically, i’m just wondering if it is at all possible to get this program to support the aw2310?

  10. IRNYT says:

    Did not work on a 7970->displayport->vg248qe .
    On restart only one display was recognized (1080p mirrored on all displays), and 60hz was forced on all displays (no options to change it).
    I was able to revert back to my previous setup though.

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  12. Captain-Falcon says:

    I have tested this with my Radeon HD 5870 and Asus VG278HE,but i see no difference between lightboost on and off.
    The game fps matches the screen refresh rate (120hz),its says 3Dmode in monitor menu.
    Maybe i did something wrong.
    The screen in-game is also scrolling continuously in full screen mode,but not in windowed mode.
    The shortcuts seems to work (ctrl alt 1,2 etc…) as it change the brightness .But i really don’t see any difference .

    • Chief Blur Buster says:

      Different people have different sensitivities to motion blur.
      See the LightBoost FAQ entry,
      “Q: LightBoost doesn’t eliminate motion blur for me. Why?”

      Keep an eye out for the Blur Busters UFO Motion Tests, which may launch by the time you read this. It will help diagnose motion blur issues.

  13. mordhau5 says:

    VG278H and GTX470 and this is definitely not working… no difference in blur. few things I’ve noticed that are kinda weird
    -I don’t have the strobe on/off options from the tray icon:
    -My 3D panel light is stuck on (which may be a side-effect of having lightboost enabled, but I’m not noticing the intended effect):
    -Looks like the ability to toggle stereoscopic 3D was completely removed from my control panel:
    -The UFO motion-blur test links to a password protected site

    • Chief Blur Buster says:

      — First, re-run strobelight-setup.exe again and select multiple refresh rates. You need to install both “120Hz (strobed)” and “121Hz”, in order to be able to turn ON/OFF LightBoost easily.
      — LightBoost should ideally is enabled if the 3D light is on. However, there has also been times where LightBoost didn’t trigger when the 3D turned on.
      — Keep tuned for the Blur Busters Motion Tests; it is launching shortly (it’s running late). Visit the website in a few days; it helps greatly in troubleshooting motion blur.
      — You must run 120 frames per second to see the LightBoost effect. You won’t see it at 60 frames per second; see the LightBoost FAQ. The motion tests, when launched, will help.

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  15. JohnnyBigodes says:

    Hello guys,

    this software is awesome, but i am having some problems with Battlefield 3.

    I installed the refresh rates 120 Hz (strobed) and 121 Hz (non strobed).

    After puting the strobelight.exe in the Autostart menu my monitor got initialized and i saw that 3D light on my BenQ XL2420T is ON.

    After that i tried to play BF3 but the 3D light on the Monitor goes everytime OFF. I looked at the game options and the refresh rate is on 120 Hz.

    What am i doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance for the responses

      • JohnnyBigodes says:

        Sorry for the late response.

        I found out, the problem was a setting in the NVIDIA drivers that i set to give me the highest framerate possible.

        With that setting turned ON, the game would give me more than 120 FPS and that was exactly the problem.

        After i turned that setting OFF, everything was working as intended.

        Thanks again

    • thebigbug says:

      I’ve found that it can be kinda picky.

      Install two refresh rates that have lightboost (such as 100hz and then 120hz). After you do this and load up BF3, if Lightboost doesn’t come on, go to the settings and change the refresh rate between the two (100hz ->120hz or vice versa). That should enable it. I don’t remember exactly how I got BF3 to lock in to lightboost, but I did.

      Alt+Tab will usually stop Lightboost for BF3 if your desktop has a refresh rate different from BF3’s.

  16. xSpiritx says:

    I managed to get things to work with 7970 AMD card and ASUS VG278HR monitor along with getting it to a 120hz listing and the yellow light of lightboost on. only thing is even with the dual dvi cable they gave me it still says that its not a dual dvi cable and i know what one looks like so….

  17. DerSuperbaum says:


    installed (120 Hz strobbed) and (120Hz) and selected my BenQ xl2420T. Rebooted.

    Now, after I typed in my Password at Windows the Monitor says “out of range”. When using the inbuild Monitor menu to Change the Display Format the Monitor gets all fuzzy and grainy and u cant identify anything any longer.

    I must say i connected the Monitor to a Computer with a HD 6450 that doesnt provide you with 1080p @ 120Hz. Tried to fix the Problem in safe mode; wouldnt know how.
    When i connect my old Monitor with max 1600*900 he obvously overrides the “only 1900*1080 @ 120Hz” availability and i can use Windows in normal mode.

    How can i revoke anything the toastyxSetup installed.

    I dont have a Windows recovery Point.

    Man that sucks. Pls help.

    • DerSuperbaum says:

      Just as a side note.

      Just pulling the Powerline for a few seconds didnt work.
      Installing only 60Hz rates didnt work,
      And in the Setup i dont see an uninstall like it said in the thread of OP.

  18. Utu says:

    Error Message (overlay in 3D Mode in red Nvidia (3D mode) letters) using Strobelight 2 Beta:

    “Warning: attempt to run Stereoscopic 3D in a non-stereo
    display mode, please change to an acceptable mode.
    See documentation for acceptable Stereoscopic 3D modes.”

    Setup parameters:
    “Strobelight Breta 2 by ToastyX”
    Benq XL 2420T connected via Dual Link DVI
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 (Gigabyte GV-N770OC-2GD)
    Windows 8 64bit, Nvidia driver 320.49 (most current version)

    Installing and using refresh rates without strobing (121Hz) didn’t help, regardless if strobing was actually on or off.
    “Reset this display” in Strobelight setup and removing the program (aka uninstalling) does fix it.
    As I would like to have strobing activated in 2D mode – for smooth scrolling mainly web browsing – I’d like to find a way around this.

    Thx a lot for the site, the information and the tools!

  19. torsionbar says:

    Hello everyone. I have a couple questions and hopefully someone can help me out.
    Ill list my specs first
    3 vg248qe monitors
    2 via mini display port to display port on monitor
    1 via duel link dvi cable
    1 60hz monitor via hdmi to dvi 4th monitor in extended mode
    msi 7970

    Ive been able to install the app and install the different refresh rates.
    I only play iracing and rfactor. My pc is powerful enough to maintain 120fps with lowered setting easily in rfactor. Both games have options for 120hz.
    first of all, are my connections capable of pushing 120hz to the monitors via the display port?
    Will the 60hz monitor in extended mode cause problems while gaming? I use the monitor for teamspeak and other non gaming apps.

    My problem is that when i race on rfactor it seems to be smooth for a few moments and then i see, hard to describe. its almost like I am seeing the frame twice. like there is two frames overlapped but there not lined up perfectly. This becomes very annoying trying to race with it jumping back and forth. I can monitor the frame rates and im staying well above 120. That is the best i can describe the problem. Ive tried to force 120hz with radeon pro but its the same. Thanks for any help.

    • Chief Blur Buster says:

      Are the two overlapped frames at full strength?
      — Does it look exactly like 60fps @ 120Hz, as seen in the 60fps version at http://www.testufo.com?
      — Does it also happen if you’re temporarily running this without your 4th monitor at 60Hz?
      — Worse comes to worse, does it happen in single-monitor mode, with a single 120Hz monitor?

      I know that having a 4th monitor, running at 60Hz, WILL unfortunately often interfere with 120Hz gaming by making everything 120fps look like 60fps. Generally, make sure 100% of your monitors are running at 120Hz, for reliable 120Hz surround operation. If you are daring, Windows 8 does a slightly better job of mixed refresh rates than Windows 7, in a mixed 60Hz/120Hz situation.

  20. Colt says:

    Strobelight still works? I have an assus VG248 monitor and an AMD Radeon HD 5900 and the program has stopped working all of a sudden after an AMD catalyst update.

    Issue is strobelight doesnt launch any more (no window, no icon on the botton task bar, just an invisible screen with a strobelight.exe process on the task manager)

    Is there other reliable method to remove blur given my monitor/graphic card?

    Any info is greatly appreciated!

  21. Gangland says:

    So i tried ToastyX and everything was ok until the refresh rate kept resetting to different values. I read somewhere that you have to force the refresh rate to 120 by not having a different refresh rate selected. It ran great after until i tried Quakelive, which didn’t work after installing ToastyX. I decided to remove ToastyX and just go back to 144 for everything. I used the app to reset\remove the program and reset to 144.

    After restarting my computer runs for a moment, then the screen goes black. I checked the Nvidia control panel and my refresh had been reset back to 120 by something? I reset it back to 144 and restarted and it did the same thing again. Now whenever I start my computer I have to set it to 144 every time.

    Is there anyone that has experienced this or can help? Did the app not get completely removed? Where are the register keys located so I can check if something remains? Thanks!

  22. Jski2010 says:

    Will Easy Lightboost work on a BenQ XL2430T? System: i7-6700K, ASUS Maximus VIII Impact, MSI 1070 Gaming X, Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 (2x16Gb) 32Gb Kit CAS 16. I’m new to the Gaming Experience….

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