Introduction: Foreword by Mark D. Rejhon

Blur Busters writes about “Better Than 60Hz” monitors, including our ongoing 480 Hz monitor tests, and we have the 240 Hz GSYNC Input lag Tests. These all push bleeding edge limits of reducing input lag.

Now we visit the human portion of input lag.

Humans take time to react; whether to the starting pistol of a Olympics 100 meter sprint, or an enemy in an online match of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The best players in the $1-billion-dollar eSports industry push the limits of human reflex, and apparently surprisingly so.

Input Latency Chain: Human Element

Many studies have been on Olympics sprint race reaction times, but few studies exist with reaction times in high-end competitive gaming that involve champion players.

Introducing Marwan Daar

We got a researcher, Marwan Daar, to do some preliminary research on this topic. Marwan Daar, of York University (Toronto, Canada), has written several vision research papers (ResearchGate profile) and participates in many online discussion forums under the nickname spacediver, so readers may be familiar with him.

He has written a special article for Blur Busters on human reflex. Needless to say, some data points are eye-opening, with apparent sub-100-millisecond results that certainly merit further detailed study.

Begin reading Marwan Daar’s article: Input Lag and the Limits of Human Reflex, Part 1