List of FreeSync Monitors

This list features current monitors that supports AMD FreeSync and/or VESA Adaptive-Sync (Variable Refresh Rate).

See a TestUFO Animation of FreeSync for a FreeSync demo!

Also, XBOX ONE gaming console now support FreeSync, 120Hz, and 1440p.

This lists all known currently-available FreeSync monitors on the market.

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Display ModelSizeResolutionRefresh
Motion Blur
Viewsonic XG253024.5″ TN1920×1080240 HzFreeSync
LG 27GK750F27″ TN1920×1080240HzFreeSyncLG
ASUS ROG STRIX XG258Q24.5″ TN1920×1080240 HzFreeSyncELMB
AOC AGON AG251FZ25″ TN1920×1080240 HzFreeSync
BenQ ZOWIE XL254024.5″ TN1920×1080240 HzFreeSyncBENQ Blur Reduction
AOC AGON AG352QCX35″ VA2560×1080200 HzFreeSync
AOC C3583FQ35″ VA2560×1080160 HzFreeSync
Asus ROG XG27VQ27″ VA1920×1080144 HzFreeSyncASUS ELMB
Samsung C27HG7027" VA2560×1440144HzFreeSyncSamsung
Samsung C32HG7032" VA2560×1440144HzFreeSyncSamsung
Samsung C49HG9049″ VA3840×1080144 HzFreeSyncSamsung
Acer Predator XG270HU27″ TN2560×1440144 HzFreeSync
Acer XF240H24″ TN1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
Acer XF270H27″ TN1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
Acer XF270HU27″ IPS2560×1440144 HzFreeSync
Acer XZ350CU35″ VA2560×1080144 HzFreeSync
Alphascan AGON 322FCX32″ VA1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
AOC AGON AG241QX24″ TN2560×1440144 HzFreeSync
AOC Agon AG271QX27″ TN2560×1440144 HzFreeSync
AOC AGON AG322QCX32″ VA2560×1440144 HzFreeSync
AOC G2460PF24″ TN1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
AOC G2770PF27″ TN1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
ASUS MG248Q24″ TN1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
ASUS MG278Q27″ TN2560×1440144 HzFreeSync
ASUS MG279Q27″ IPS2560×1440144 HzFreeSync
Azza MTAZ-24-FS24″ TN1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
BenQ XL2730Z27″ TN2560×1440144 HzFreeSyncBENQ Blur Reduction
CrossLCD 320F32″ VA1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
EIZO FORIS FS273527″ IPS2560×1440144 HzFreeSyncEIZO Blur Reduction
Hansung ULTRON 326732″ VA1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
Iiyama GB2788HS-B127″ TN1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
Lenovo Y27f27″ VA1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
LG 24GM79G24″ TN1920×1080144 HzFreeSyncLG Blur Reduction
LG 34UC79G34″ IPS2560×1080144 HzFreeSyncLG Blur Reduction
Nixeus NX-VUE2424″ TN1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
Pixio PX245c24″ IPS1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
Pixio PX27727″ IPS2560×1440144 HzFreeSync
Samsung C24FG7024″ VA1920×1080144 HzFreeSyncSamsung
Samsung C27FG7024″ VA1920×1080144 HzFreeSyncSamsung
Viewsonic XG240124″ TN1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
Viewsonic XG270127″ TN1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
Viewsonic XG3202-C31.5″ VA1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
VIOTEK GN27C27″ VA1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
VIOTEK GN32C32″ VA1920×1080144 HzFreeSync
Microboard M340CLZ34″ VA3440×1440100 HzFreeSync
Samsung C34F79134″ VA3440×1440100 HzFreeSync
Acer Predator XR341CK34″ IPS3440×144075 HzFreeSync
Acer XR342CK34″ IPS3440×144075 HzFreeSync
AOC G2260VWQ622″ TN1920×108075 HzFreeSync
AOC G2460VQ624″ TN1920×108075 HzFreeSync
ASUS VG245H24″ TN1920×108075 HzFreeSync
HP OMEN 3232″ VA2560×144075 HzFreeSync
LG 23MP68VQ23″ IPS1920×108075 HzFreeSync
LG 29UM68-P29″ IPS2560×108075 HzFreeSync
LG 34UC9834″ IPS3440×144075 HzFreeSync
LG 34UM6734″ IPS2560×108075 HzFreeSync
LG 34UM68-P34″ IPS2560×108075 HzFreeSync
LG 38UC99-W38″ IPS3840×160075 HzFreeSync
Viewsonic VX225722″ TN1920×108075 HzFreeSync
ViewSonic VX245724″ TN1920×108075 HzFreeSync
Viewsonic VX275727″ TN1920×108075 HzFreeSync
Iiyama ProLite B2783QSU27″ TN2560×144070 HzFreeSync
AOC U2879VF28″ TN3840×216060 HzFreeSync
ASUS MG24UQ24″ IPS3840×216060 HzFreeSync
ASUS MG28UQ28″ TN3840×216060 HzFreeSync
Dell M27BLK27″ IPS1920×108060 HzFreeSync
Dell SE2717HX27″ IPS1920×108060 HzFreeSync
LG 32UD99-W32″ IPS HDR3840×216060 HzFreeSync
LG 24UD58-B24″ IPS3840×216060 HzFreeSync
LG 27UD58-B27″ IPS3840×216060 HzFreeSync
LG 27UD68P27″ IPS3840×216060 HzFreeSync
LG 27UD68-W27″ IPS3840×216060 HzFreeSync
LG 27UD88-W27″ IPS3840×216060 HzFreeSync
Samsung C24F39024″ VA1920×108060 HzFreeSync
Samsung C27F39027″ VA1920×108060 HzFreeSync
Samsung C27F39627″ VA1920×108060 HzFreeSync
Samsung C27F59127″ VA1920×108060 HzFreeSync
Samsung S24E370DL24″ PLS1920×108060 HzFreeSync
Samsung S24F35024″ PLS1920×108060 HzFreeSync
Samsung S27E370DS27″ PLS1920×108060 HzFreeSync
Samsung S27F35027″ PLS1920×108060 HzFreeSync
Samsung U24E590D24″ PLS3840×216060 HzFreeSync
Samsung U24E850R24″ PLS3840×216060 HzFreeSync
Samsung U28E590D28″ TN3840×216060 HzFreeSync
Samsung U28E850R28″ TN3840×216060 HzFreeSync
ViewSonic XG2700-4K27″ IPS3840×216060 HzFreeSync

Other Monitors

For a larger general list of other “Better Than 60Hz” monitors, see Official List of Best Gaming Monitors. as well as List of G-SYNC Monitors.

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