List of G-SYNC Monitors

This list features current monitors that supports NVIDIA G-SYNC. We list all known currently-available G-SYNC monitors on the market.

Most G-SYNC monitors include a motion blur reduction feature called NVIDIA Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB). It is similar to the LightBoost strobe backlight, but is optional and easily turned ON/OFF via the monitor menus. For more info, see Motion Blur Reduction FAQ.

See a TestUFO Animation of G-SYNC for a G-SYNC demo!

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Display ModelSizeResolutionRefresh
Motion Blur
Acer Predator XB252Q24.5″ TN1920×1080240 HzG-SYNCULMB
Acer Predator XB27227″ TN1920×1080240 HzG-SYNCULMB
ASUS ROG PG258Q24.5″ TN1920×1080240 HzG-SYNCULMB
AOC AGON AG251FG24.5″ TN1920×1080240 HzG-SYNCULMB
Dell Alienware AW2518H24.5″ TN1920×1080240 HzG-SYNCULMB
Acer Predator Z301C30″ VA2560×1080200 HzG-SYNCULMB
Acer Predator Z3535″ VA2560×1080200 HzG-SYNCULMB
Acer Predator XB241H24″ TN1920×1080180 HzG-SYNCULMB
ASUS ROG PG248Q24″ TN1920×1080180 HzG-SYNCULMB
Acer Predator XB241YU24″ TN2560×1440165 HzG-SYNCULMB
LG 32GK850G31.5″ VA2560×1440165 HzG-SYNC
Acer Predator XB271HU27″ IPS2560×1440165 HzG-SYNCULMB
AOC AG271QG27″ IPS2560×1440165 HzG-SYNCULMB
AOC AGON AG241QG24″ TN2560×1440165 HzG-SYNCULMB
ASUS ROG PG278QR27″ TN2560×1440165 HzG-SYNCULMB
ASUS ROG PG279Q27″ IPS2560×1440165 HzG-SYNCULMB
Dell S2417DG24″ TN2560×1440165 HzG-SYNCULMB
Viewsonic XG2703-GS27″ IPS2560×1440165 HzG-SYNCULMB
Acer Predator XB270HU27″ IPS2560×1440144 HzG-SYNCULMB
ASUS ROG PG278Q27″ TN2560×1440144 HzG-SYNCULMB
Dell S2716DG27″ TN2560×1440144 HzG-SYNCULMB
Acer Predator XB270H27″ TN1920×1080144 HzG-SYNCULMB
Acer XB240H24″ TN1920×1080144 HzG-SYNCULMB
AOC G2460PG24″ TN1920×1080144 HzG-SYNCULMB
Philips 272G5DYEB27″ TN1920×1080144 HzG-SYNCULMB
BenQ XL2420G24″ TN1920×1080144 HzG-SYNCBENQ Blur Reduction
Acer Predator Z27127″ VA1920×1080144 HzG-SYNC
Lenovo Y27g27″ VA1920×1080144 HzG-SYNC
LG 34UC89G-B34″ IPS2560×1080144 HzG-SYNC
Dell Alienware AW3418DW34″ IPS3440×1440120 HzG-SYNC
Acer Predator Z35P35″ VA3440×1440120 HzG-SYNC
Acer Predator X3434″ IPS3440×1440100 HzG-SYNC
AOC AGON AG352UCG34″ IPS3440×1440100 HzG-SYNC
ASUS ROG PG348Q34″ IPS3440×1440100 HzG-SYNC
HP OMEN X 3534″ VA3440×1440100 HzG-SYNC
Acer Predator XB271HK27″ IPS3840×216060 HzG-SYNC
Acer Predator XB280HK28″ TN3840×216060 HzG-SYNC
Acer Predator XB281HK28″ TN3840×216060 HzG-SYNC
Acer Predator XB321HK32″ IPS3840×216060 HzG-SYNC
ASUS PG27AQ27″ IPS3840×216060 HzG-SYNC


In the past, there were G-SYNC Upgrades sold for the ASUS VG248QE monitor. There was a Do-It-Yourself G-SYNC Upgrade Kit before 2015 when G-SYNC first got released, before they began to be built-in to gaming monitors.

Other Monitors

For a larger general list of other “Better Than 60Hz” monitors, see Official List of Best Gaming Monitors.

Additions & Questions?

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The only non-TN 1080 monitors are VA and they’re curved AND over 500 bucks. Why is it so impossible to get a 1920×1080 non-TN flat-panel G-Sync monitor?


What about adding panel type in the charts ? 🙂


I think they all have a TN panel.


Is this list going to be updated? It’s linked very prominently on google, but it’s out of date.


This is one of thew best , most comprehensive lists I have seen…very useful. Fantastic information,..I have a better understanding of monitors, types and specific techs, etc….knowledge is good and over 60hz is great,lol.
Too bad that Gsync monitors are so damn ridicules in price…easily $150, ..usually more,.. than their free sync counterpart.
So, since I can’t get an affordable Gsync 1440p-144hz IPS…I’ll just go with a much more affordable Free sync and just use vsync if I have to, using your list of course, lol.
Great info and articles here, glad I joined.