Upgrade ASUS VG248QE with G-SYNC Kit


Please see List of GSYNC Monitors for a more up-to-date list.

Good news:
The ASUS VG248QE monitor is G-SYNC upradeable!

Don’t know what G-SYNC is?
G-SYNC eliminates tearing, eliminates stutters and reduces input lag.
See GSYNC Preview Part One: Fluidity and Part Two: Input Lag.

DIY Upgrade Instructions:
1. You need an ASUS VG248QE monitor.
2. Purchase a G-SYNC DIY Upgrade Kit from NVIDIA.
3. Follow the Installation Guide (pdf) and the Video (YouTube) to install the upgrade.

NVIDIA says:
“For a limited time, we are making a G-SYNC Do-It-Yourself Kit available. If you have an ASUS VG248QE monitor, you can purchase the kit and mod your monitor. Assuming you are proficient with moding, this solution might be right for you. The installation process should take approximately 30 minutes.”

If you prefer G-SYNC to be already included, see List of G-SYNC Monitors.
Several monitors with G-SYNC built-in, are coming before the end of 2014.

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Hey chief, can we still buy the DIY kits or are they out of stock?
Think i waited to long hoping for a price drop so i might have to pay more now lol


I too was waiting for a price drop, now I can’t find them anywhere. 🙁


I just purchased the VG248QE and it seems the upgrade kits are out-of-stock everywhere. I found this site that offers the upgrade service for $299 –


I just sent them a message asking if they can sell me just the upgrade kit, and am waiting on a reply.


Do these add on boards include the ULMB technology? I have this monitor and am considering adding this board.


Hi everyone, thanks for this website, i’ve just ordered an asus VG248QE and i would like to apply the DIY kit soon but i have a question:
– am i able to use the Lightboost backlight strobing for 2d gaming if i do the modification? (i have a 3d emitter so it’s supposed to work right?)

You say the exe to enable lightboost in 2d will not work with the g-sync modification, but i should not need it as i have the emitter that’s right?



Ok i’ve read som more articles, no lightboost anymore with g-sync, there is now the ULMB, but it cannot be used togheter with g-Sync as i was supposing, it’s technically much more difficult to be able to use both togheter due to the variable monitor refresh caused by g-sync.
Same apply then for 3dvision, as the emitter actually needs a fixed framerate to send the signal correctly to the glasses.
As i am both a lightboost and 3dvision user (and i dont’ care too much about colors) i feel that this g-sync upgrade doesn’t worth much for me.
My opinion will change completely once they add the ability to use both g-sync and ULMB simultaneously.


another question. my end goal is to customize the horrible asus vg crosshairs, any chance you know of any tools t hat can access the firmware/hud elements,. or if there is a jtag/spi pinput is accesible?

any info/input is apreciated. thanks