Media Coverage of G-SYNC

We now directly test G-SYNC (preview). That said, we also cover other sites — Here are some of Blur Busters’ favorite external G-SYNC news and media coverage since late 2013.

G-SYNC is a variable refresh-rate technology developed by NVIDIA. G-SYNC monitors have several operational modes including an optional LightBoost sequel strobe backlight that eliminates LCD motion blur. Some models of 120Hz monitors, including ASUS VG248QE, are G-SYNC upgradeable, and more G-SYNC monitors are coming in 2014.

Review Coverage

Launch Coverage

Strobe Backlight Mode Included with G-SYNC

These pages are not specific to G-SYNC, they talk about the various problems of discrete refresh rates on high-persistence displays (flickerfree displays, sample-and-hold), and how they can be solved by backlight strobing, similar to G-SYNC’s low-persistence mode.

Generally, LightBoost has had excellent testimonials, and G-SYNC is reportedly better.